This feature has been replaced with the Players Browser.

The People Browser is a page where you can find people! Really simple.

People browser A ROBLOX update for the purpose of helping to stop Private Message spammers (People who would send you spam messages saying things like "join mah group plz") was brought out to stop a list of people showing. This has extremely helped stop spam messages, however, active forumers and people with lots of friends or a popular place are still susceptible to this.

At the top of the page is a search bar. Type in a name or phrase that you want to find and hit "Search Users" or "Search Groups". It will give you every player or group with that phrase in their name or profile.

Advanced searching

When you mouse over the "Tips" text at the top, a menu full of Regular Expressions and ways to improve your searching pop up:

  • Exact Phrase: "red brick"
  • Find all Terms: red and brick or red + brick
  • Find any Term: red or brick or red | brick
  • Wildcard Suffix: tel* (Finds teleport, telamon, telephone, etc.)
  • Wildcard Prefix is not supported: *port will not find teleport, airport, etc.
  • Terms Near each other: red near brick or red ~ brick
  • Excluding Terms: red and not brick or red - brick
  • Grouping operations: brick and (red or blue) or brick + (red | blue)
  • Combinations: "red brick" and not (tele* or tower) or "red brick" - (tele* | tower)