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Roblox has a personal messaging system which allows users to send a personal message (or PM for short) to other users. Every individual message can only be seen by the sender and the receiver - however, all messages go through Roblox's moderation system and reported messages are sent to a moderator for inspection.

Accessing your inbox

Every Roblox account comes equipped with an Inbox, this is where you can access all your personal messages, create new personal messages, manage new or archived messages, and read all your Roblox notifications. Your Inbox can be found here. From the Roblox website, you can get to your inbox from the navigation box.

Navigation box

Your navigation box is located at the top right of the screen and should look similar to the example image. The navigation box is visible on nearly all pages, which makes it useful for quick access to certain pages. This is where you can access 3 features that this object has to offer, these include; your personal inbox; your friend requests; your account balance, and the logout button.

Inbox icon
The inbox icon conveys a visual display of all your current unread messages. Clicking the icon will redirect you to your inbox.
Friend request icon
The friend request icon also conveys a visual representation of how many friend requests you have currently. Clicking the icon will redirect you to your friend requests.
Robux and ticket icon
The Robux and Ticket icon also convey the number of tickets and Robux you currently have. Clicking either of these two icons will redirect you to your account balance.

Navigation bar

Navbar Inbox

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar appears when you are viewing the MyRoblox subpages, which include: Home, Places, Inbox, Account, Profile, Friends, Character, Stuff, Sets, Groups, Money, Advertising, and Share. You can access the Inbox page by simply click the Inbox tab in the navigation bar.

The Inbox

Inbox Navbar

Inbox Navigation bar

Once arriving at your Inbox, you will see three tabs which include: Inbox, Notification, and Archive. Your inbox navigation bar will look similar to the image to the left. The inbox allows you to archive certain messages you send, and receive. This allows you to store messages which are important, and for ease of access. You may access all archived messages at this location.

Inbox Archive

This button is at the bottom of the inbox list and will appear at the bottom of a message that is currently being read. This button allows you to send the current message to the archive list - or you can select a number of messages to archive.

Inbox Content


This is how your messages will appear in your inbox list. At the left of a message is the name of the sender; at the middle is the title of the message and at the left, if the received date. Messages which are replies to what you sent will start with "RE:".

Inbox Number

Inbox Number

At the bottom of the inbox list, you can see the number of pages that messages are stored in. You can easily access a message by pressing the number at which it is at located at. If you have more than 10 pages, then you must access the last page to see the rest of the pages that have not been loaded.

System Message

System Message

At times, you may receive automated system messages to report an action or a transaction. The most common system message will be sent when someone accepts a friend request. Replying to such messages will do nothing, as they are sent by a bot.


Notifications are messages sent out by the ROBLOX staff to all registered users specific or important news that they need to be aware of. These are called System Notifications. You can access your current notifications by going to your Inbox and going to the "Notifications" tab.


You can also access it by going to "My ROBLOX" and finding "# System Notifications" underneath your character portrait.