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Personal Server sign.

Personal Servers were a feature used on ROBLOX for having ROBLOXians build whatever they want in-game and saving automatically. Lots of ROBLOXians were able to join and help build with the owner of the game. Some restrictions though were applied such as who can visit, who can build, and who is banned.


The new personal server icon.

Users must've had a Builders Club membership before making a Personal Server. However, all players are able to join a personal server. When the place owner's Builders Club expires, the server is still kept, but another server cannot be made.

Personal servers were discontinued on June 8, 2016, according to a message from ROBLOX.


ROBLOX RALLY-Three ROBLOX administrators introduce personal servers at the 2011 ROBLOX Rally13:10

ROBLOX RALLY-Three ROBLOX administrators introduce personal servers at the 2011 ROBLOX Rally.

Personal servers were first introduced by Njay, ostrichSized, and gen2integri at the 2011 ROBLOX Rally. The feature was fully released on November 2, 2011[1]. On May 26, 2016, it was discontinued to be replaced with Team Create.


ROBLOX describes a personal server as "a game that never closes."[2] Unlike a regular game place, when a server closes when all players have left, a personal server never closes. Therefore, the personal server never reverts back to the way it was before users started playing it; this creates the opportunity for personal servers to be used as collaborative building projects. Personal servers can be changed back to a game place and vise-versa.

The following is a chart explaining the differences between a personal server and a game place:

Personal ServerGame Place
Single Instance
Public by Default
Private by Default
Access Privileges
Ban List
Gear Allowed
Tickets Awarded for Visitors Before Removal
Builders Club to Create
Free to Play

Access Levels


How to promote/demote a user within a personal server

  1. The owner and administrators can assign access levels to specific users via clicking the player's name on the leaderboard. These access levels dictate what permissions that player has and what he can and cannot do within the personal server.

The following is a chart explaining the certain permissions various access levels have within a personal server:

Ability to play game
Ability to use build tools
Ability to promote/demote other users*
Ability to add and remove administrators

*Except promotion/demotion of administrators

It is advised to use caution when promoting players. Any changes they make to the server, whether constructive or destructive, will be automatically saved, unless the place's version has been changed to other non-destructed version.

Personal Servers within Groups

Personal Servers can be associated with particular groups. A feature of personal servers allows membership and admin can be awarded to members of a group with a certain rank or above. Like associating a place with a group, associating a personal server with a group makes that personal server appear on the group's page.

Team Create

Team Create works just like Personal Servers, except players build in ROBLOX Studio instead of in-game and players can invite others to build with them. Team Create was first announced in a blog post on April 13, 2016, while it was in Beta. It is released. Here are several images of Team Create:

Differences between Personal Servers and Team Create

  • On Personal Servers, players could only build with the stamp tool, while on team create players can build with every brick and material.
  • Personal Servers had access levels restricted to different players, but team create does not.
  • Team Create lets players build in ROBLOX Studio instead of Personal Servers in-game.
  • Personal Servers had an extra megaphone-like tool that would create thumbnails, like a camera, but this feature isn't available on Team Create.
  • While every player can join a Personal Server (except players who are banned from the server), players can't join a team if it's already full.



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