Pinewood Builders (formerly known as Pinewood Labs) is a British-based building group with ventures in aerospace, mining, weaponry, physics research, and much more.

It is currently Roblox's second largest science-themed group, standing at about 83,000 members behind Innovation Inc.

Founded in 2008 by Diddleshot, (as a group in 2009) Pinewood is one of Roblox's oldest existing building groups. The group is also recognized for its contributions to the community with models to assist in the game development and its group-created games, having a booth at BLOXcon Chicago in 2013, as well as the origins of many famous developers, such as alexnewtron, Zephyred, madattak, and Rukiryo.


The historical timeline section of this page was contributed by former Pinewood executives ranging from 2013 to 2016, as well as by conversations with Diddleshot himself over Skype and Discord.


May - November

  • Diddleshot and a group of friends founded Pinewood as Pinewood Labs.
  • The earliest known facilities built were the Dog Food Factory in September and the ROBLOX Powerplant in October. The power plant was considered to be one of the first power stations ever built on ROBLOX, while the Dog Food Factory was replaced by the classic game Train Demolition.

November - December

  • A successor to the Dog Food Factory, the Bread Factory was open to the public; a large bread production factory with giant machinery which sole purpose is feeding a noob named Bob. It became known as one of the last existing "feed the noob" places on ROBLOX, as the others have died out.
  • Later in December, Pinewood's first headquarters, named Pinewood Labs (2008), a medium-sized building in a similar setting to the ROBLOX Powerplant, was opened.
  • The first Pinewood Headquarters has presently been 'ruined' into Diddleshot's CRUSH A BUILDING! game.



  • Pinewood Labs was renamed Pinewood Builders, and it was founded as a group with the latter name using the then-newly introduced Groups feature.


  • The Pinewood Research Facility (2009) was built. It was a three to four story, white building located in a large, relatively hidden compound. A tunnel was reportedly located past a checkpoint which at this time, was a mystery to where it led to.
  • A second headquarters was built. It was a much larger compound and was relatively hidden. Not much information is available regarding it at the moment.


  • Several facilities were introduced throughout 2009, such as the ROBLOX Laundromat, Pinewood Computer Core, Pinewood Space Station, (2009), the Mega Miners game, and the launch center of Pinewood's Space Shuttle Advantage.


  • Vice President RedDwarfIV introduces Pinewood Metro, an automated train system, which is used at the Pinewood Space Station.
  • Red also added several updates to Space Shuttle Advantage.


  • The Pinewood Builders Security Team was established to protect facilities, although its role was merely roleplay at this time.



  • The Jet Engine Test place was built, where it would test the effects of aerodynamics, and whether it was safe to place Robloxians within 10 feet of the turbine. Many injuries have been reported in the conduction of this test.


  • MRDAFG and Legodude88, through a private meeting with Diddleshot, founded the Pinewood Intelligence Agency, a top-secret agency responsible for managing Pinewood's internal affairs.
  • The new Pinewood Headquarters was opened, featuring a 12-story office building located on an artificial island in the vicinity of Hong Kong.



  • Diddleshot released a major update to the Computer Core, allowing the reactor core to initiate a meltdown. This would give the Security Team a major role in protecting the core from blowing up.
  • Throughout 2013 from this point, Pinewood, its facilities, and its divisions began to enter a modernization phase.


  • Kyodo, who rose to the ranks as an advisory council member, joins the Pinewood Intelligence Agency.


  • At some point, MRDAFG resigned from Pinewood.
  • VP Catpwnszer was allegedly fired for an attempted power struggle with regards to the PIA.
  • Kyodo's account was hijacked, causing him to leave, but upon regaining his account, he did not rejoin Pinewood due to the aftermentioned internal affairs issue.
  • The rivalry between the fanbase of Pinewood Computer Core and Innovation Research Labs begin to rise as the latter rises in popularity, whereas the fanbases on both sides throw petty arguments implying one copied another.



  • Due to Innovation's sudden rise in popularity as a result of its blog recognition, Pinewood began to drop in popularity, losing the claim of being the largest building group at that time. This called the management to step up in activity after a while of Pinewood management not paying attention to Innovation Inc's competitiveness.


  • An overhaul of the screens and the addition of several aesthetics have been added to the PBCC upon the suggestion and contribution of RobloxGuy6403.
  • The Pinewood Research Facility reopened after a full renovation of its exterior and interior design. It was now located in the Sahara Desert, with the majority of the facility located underground, and is now directly connected to the Pinewood Computer Core via elevator shafts.
  • However, updates would remain stagnant not only for the PBRF but for most of the Pinewood facilities, as Diddle himself said he lacked time to do so.


  • Construction on the Pinewood Oil Platform begins by a team of then-unofficial Pinewood developers from JKR Productions, led by Building Advisory Council member KelvinBlues1. It became an official game through the support of Director SigmaTech and JKR Productions CEO RobloxGuy6403.
  • The PIA opens up the PIA HQ for a Christmas party for the first time.



  • Director SigmaTech announces the Pinewood Oil Platform to the public using his newly created Pinewood website, made through Wix. The website relied on ads to pay for its domain.


  • Director Woofmacht founded the Pinewood Broadcasting Corporation, with RobbyRBLX as the first PBC President. This was in response to the en mass-founding of the Pinewood News Network by Chuba7, which Woof saw as an attempt by Chuba to gain power within the administration.
  • This led to a rivalry between the two media groups, in which PBC became dominant as the more active media group.
  • Upon observing several roleplay firefighters performing trainings and patrols at the Pinewood Computer Core, an unofficial group named Pinewood EMERGENCY was merged into Diddleshot's newly created Pinewood Emergency Team.
  • P.E.T. would remain mostly disorganized due to a lack of attention given to it, resulting in its own supervisors and members creating unofficial subgroups that would leave P.E.T. in leadership squabbles.


  • The original deadline for the Pinewood Oil Platform missed its first deadline of March 31, 2015.¬†


  • FlightVector was appointed to the Board of Directors
  • After a misunderstanding between Diddleshot and Vice President Legodude88, Lego was reportedly fired from his position on April 6th due to an internal conflict, prompting the resignation of the entire PIA and most of the PBV, including Woofmacht and FlightVector. As a result, the PIA and PBST were left in a state of anarchy.
  • In the confusion, the developers of the Pinewood Oil Platform decided to temporarily halt the project.
  • Several PBST mid ranks established a Skype group, including more members over time. Trainers and other Pinewood executives would join the Skype group in the next few months to come.
  • The Pinewood Intelligence Agency and Pinewood Security were reinstated with new replacements following April 6th, with ShatteredGuest assuming the role of Head of Security and Head of Intelligence.


  • Pinewood Oil Platform development resumed following a reassurance in group stability.


  • Diddleshot announced the construction of the Pinewood Research Facility would be restarted after around a year of inactivity. Several updates to the ROBLOX Laundromat and Mega Miners also followed.
  • Diddleshot joined the Skype group, initiating him to create his own, official Skype group.
  • ShatteredGuest resigned from his post following a misunderstanding between him and Diddleshot at a security training, apparently due to Diddleshot hosting parties after his trainings, which he found to be unprofessional.
  • DeathPossession was appointed Head of Security and Head of Intelligence¬†in replacement.


  • Legodude88 and some of the other executives who left on April 6th returned to Pinewood.


  • A¬†launch trailer¬†for the Pinewood Oil Platform was announced.
  • DeathPossession and Momolivia were appointed to the Vice President position, much to the disgust of Lego and his fellow former executives, who left again as a result.
  • The Pinewood Oil Platform opened on December 23, 2015.
  • largeTitanic2, a member who originated from a batch of PBST trained directly after the events of April 6, BrickDynamics, a former Innovation Intelligence Agency member, RobloxGuy6403, a developer of the Pinewood Oil Platform, and Rockocco, a PBC editor-in-chief, are appointed to the Board of Directors.
  • As part of her duties, VP Momolivia imposes managerial policies to keep the directors active within Pinewood, such as activity checks. This results in constant fighting between Director SigmaTech and Momo herself.



  • largeTitanic2, alongside his BOD position, was appointed as Head of Security and Head of Intelligence.
  • Director Rockocco was fired for unknown reasons.


  • The Pinewood Oil Platform closed down and was moved to another group following the departure of newly appointed Director RobloxGuy6403, who was convinced to do so by Director BrickDynamics.
  • VP DeathPosession launches the Pinewood Discord Server, replacing the series of Pinewood Skype Groups.


  • xBlueSparks, the former secretary to Legodude88, was appointed as PBC President.


  • Vatnajokull was appointed as PBC President.


  • MRDAFG returned to Pinewood. A reformation for the Internal Affairs Committee took place. Legodude88 returned again as Vice President, only to leave later that month.
  • Several amendments were done to "control" the power of the Head of Security, resulting in the position of Security Commissioner.


  • The PIA constructed a new headquarters facility and began work on new training facility concepts for PBST.


  • Head of Security and Head of Intelligence largeTitanic2 resigned from Pinewood Builders on November 6. Several members of the PIA joined him in a renegade, resulting in the group Omicron Incorporated.
  • The renegade of PIA members also took the Pinewood Discord server with them, prompting the creation of another Discord server.
  • As a result of the second staff purge, which resulted in little to no moderators handling exploit issues at Pinewood games, Pinewood's member count began to drop by the hundreds.


  • In response to the exploit threat, a beta version of a FilteringEnabled-compatible PBCC began development. Other facilities followed thereafter.



  • AkaSwift was appointed as PET Director.


  • Galaxerz was selected to succeed Vatnajokull as PBC President.
  • The PBST Security Commissioner election took place, which was met with backlash from lower ranks.


  • Woofmacht, a former Pinewood Executive who left and rejoined several times during 4/6 and during 2016, returned to Pinewood, who was re-appointed to the Board of Directors.
  • Woofmacht then established the Pinewood Administrative Assembly as a democratic system to organize the immense number of high ranks in the group.
  • A stable build of PBCC FE was released.
  • A new set of commanders were appointed, namely CombativeMaster123, halfdeadtom, MultRob, TheAwesomeGuy¬†(who was later fired for abusing PIA weaponry), D15C and theonlyinvincible.


  • Major reformations began as Woofmacht was elected as Head of Security, resulting in a reform of all the high ranks. The said elections have been said to be rigged, with several saying it was in the favor of the victor.
  • The Pinewood Administrative Assembly was abolished.
  • Cajess, prominent among the PBST members for dressing up as a coffee machine, was appointed to the position of Artistry Director.
  • Diddleshot and Director Woofmacht had decided to reform PBC by purging the entire PBC administration and the middle ranks, removing the Editing and Journalism divisions of PBC, and re-hired robbeshens (RobbyRBLX) as PBC President again.
  • Trains at the PBCC were finally fixed with the help of IAC members Gonow32 and theonlyinvincible.


  • Theonlyinvincible was appointed to the position of Scripting Director by Diddleshot. He was one of the only high ranks ever given access to modify PBCC and other Pinewood facilities, in which several aesthetical changes were done.
  • Theonlyinvincible assisted in modifying the Adonis admin commands system to create PRIDe 2.
  • UltimatePlasmaGuy replaced Tommify as PBC President.
  • The Pinewood Spaceship began construction by a team of six developers it was lead by Director Woofmacht.
  • Several passholders of the OP Weapons gamepass at PBCC form the U.S. Secret Service - Computer Core Division, who perform organized patrols in routinely protecting the core and blowing up the core alternatively.¬†


  • Pinewood's human resources department was created.
  • GraviticPulse, Cajess, and DrGezus were appointed to the Field Officer position in PBST.
  • Pinewood Space Ship was announced to the public.
  • PBST 'strike team' activities are introduced, resulting in the creation of various regiments.


  • GraviticPulse leaves Pinewood, reorganizing the Gamma-Six regiment he led.
  • Woofmacht and theonlyinvincible were appointed to the Vice President position.


  • The second trailer for Pinewood Space Ship was released.
  • Kezzera, a PIA intern during the events of April 6, was given the Board of Directors rank for his long-time contributions in PBST and PIA. Aeseru, a former PIA HoO and PBC executive, was reinstated to the Board of Directors.
  • PBC reforms began with Sir_Payne, a veteran Pinewood executive, taking control of the group.


  • Group ranks are reformed with new and revised ranks.
  • This includes Basic and Advanced Scientists, Basic and Advanced Builders, Development Team, and Moderation Team.
  • Gonow32, halfdeadtom, Excitive, danielpratt222, and DrGezus, all long-time PBST members, were appointed to the Board of Directors.


  • PIA Overseer Sir_Payne requested and had the PIA shut down, due to it losing its purpose.
  • Andimal was appointed to Board of Directors.
  • Diddleshot and G0LDENLUIGI agree on a new logo and host a contest to see if anyone could succeed the 2014 (current) logo.
October 20 events
  • On the days leading up to the 20th of October, close to 500 members left Pinewood, following a call by Director Woofmacht and the Board of Directors on a "vote of no confidence" in Diddleshot due to his said inactivity.
  • This promptly resulted in the termination of almost the entire administration by Diddleshot. Almost all were gone from the current Board of Directors, minus Cajess, all members of the development team, the Security Overseer, and both Vice Presidents. Most of these members left to a group called Hyptek.
  • The transition of the former Pinewood members was made easy due to the Discord server in use by Pinewood being rebranded as Hyptek's Discord server.
  • An unofficial Pinewood game called the Pinewood Nuclear Power Plant by CzachuPL was also rebranded as Hyptek's main game.
  • Due to all of Red Europa's developers leaving Pinewood, Red Europa, otherwise known as Pinewood Spaceship, was also rebranded as a Hyptek game.
  • Following the events of October 20, the position and holding of the Board of Directors were abolished, along with Vice President. PRIDe 2 was removed from all Pinewood games, following the resignation of its original creator, causing the PBCC to be flooded with exploiters.
  • The original Adonis admin command system was put into place, and all members in Hyptek, as well as any involved former Pinewood executives, were classified as "affiliated with a raiding group" and banned from all Pinewood games.
  • With a smaller administration, Pinewood changed direction, moving away from the idea of being a company, to merely a fan club. The administration ranks were replaced by "The Great Minds", Promoter, and the Honorable Hall of Fame.
  • A new Discord server, though smaller than its predecessors, was made following the loss of the former Discord server.
  • Momolivia returned to Pinewood amidst the staff crisis and was given "The Great Minds" role, along with Cajess.
  • After winning the beforementioned logo competition, Kellerite (formerly keller36) was appointed as a Promoter.


  • Construction of the Pinewood Echo Mars Base begun, a spacecraft launch facility on Mars, with development being lead by Momolivia. It is currently in Alpha.
  • A reform was initiated in PBST and in the newly reinstated PIA, with new rules, guides, and weapons.
  • Cajess resigned from Pinewood.
  • Diddleshot stated that Pinewood may remain a fan group as it would be more on-par with the interests and intentions of the group.
  • Former BOD AtomicRXD rejoins Pinewood and is appointed to the PIA.


  • Former PIA member KaiDartTakeTwo rejoins Pinewood and is appointed to the PIA along Daywatch.
  • After Kellerite temporarily restrained Momolivia of her Discord permissions due to her "abusing" Dyno commands as well as several prior events, Momolivia fired him from all groups.
  • Csdi, SpyAgent388, and FutureScience are appointed to the PIA, after winning a contest hosted by Momolivia.



  • Diddleshot closes down the Pinewood Discord, with a statement from an affiliated server.
  • Without the Pinewood Discord, many exploiters found this very useful to start exploiting the PBCC servers, as there is no longer any means of quickly contacting a staff member.
  • Secret Service Director Logocracy is appointed to the PIA by Momolivia.
  • Csdi & SpyAgent388 started to help Momolivia with the development of PBST.


  • KaiDartTakeTwo leaves the PIA¬†for unknown reasons.


  • SpyAgent388 is made a Promoter in Pinewood Builders and invited into the PB Veteran's Club.


  • U.S. Secret Service - Computer Core Division Director Logocracy is appointed as the PIA Head of Intelligence by Diddleshot, and is invited into the PB Veteran's Club.
  • The Intern rank is re-added to the PIA.
  • Momolivia is given the rank "M" in the PIA, along with the Vice Chairwoman rank in the main group and PBST. The Pinewood rank in the PB Veteran's Club is renamed to Administration.
  • Many new interns begin to go through the evaluation process for the PIA, including SADENNING, Uncondoned, and Exploited_x.
  • SADENNING, Vah_Medoh, Deferend, SuchIsLife_610, Eurocracy, Kratocracy, and Uncondoned join the PIA as agents.
  • SpyAgent388 is appointed as Head of Security by Diddleshot.
  • Superioran¬†is added to the PIA with the intern role.
  • Uncondoned is appointed PET Director by Diddleshot.
  • SADENNING and Uncondoned are promoted to the¬†trainer rank in PBST.
  • PET seems to become active again as Uncondoned¬†has opened up applications for the "Chief" rank.
  • SADENNING leaves under unknown circumstances.
  • TomFriggus joins the PIA.
  • q3579, tornado813, and¬†Dannycrew106 are promoted to overseers in PET, showing that the group has been revived.¬†
  • Deferend resigns his positions at the PIA and PBST under unknown circumstances.


  • Vah_Medoh is promoted to trainer rank in PBST.
  • Spyagent388 gets demoted in PBST, PB, and gets removed from PBV and PIA
  • As of Spyagent's removal, Logocracy becomes Head of Security and invited to the PBV
  • ilikesinkingships¬†and fbiagentbc¬†are added to the PIA¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†


Official games can be found on Diddleshot's profile, or on the Pinewood Builders group itself.

Bold - Official game, currently open
Italics - Official game, under development
Bold Italics - Closed game / former game

Pinewood Computer Core (PBCC)

  • A mostly roleplay game centered in a huge facility where users manage the reactor, preventing it from blowing up.
  • Considered to be Pinewood's main game.

Pinewood Research Facility  (PBRF)

  • An extension to the PBCC, where its main focus is research.
  • Diddleshot's plans to construct this facility was mentioned during his interview in which he was featured on the ROBLOX Blog.

Pinewood Headquarters (PBHQ)

  • A 12-storey office tower on an artificial island near Hong Kong.

PBST Training Facility (PBSTTF)

  • A training facility connected to a train that goes to the PBRF.

PBST Points Database (PBSTPD)

  • A facility developed by Csdi and Uncondoned to store and show points for PBST trainees. It also is the beginning place for the weekly mega trainings.

Mega Miners (MM)

  • A distant mining facility on an unknown planet where huge excavating machinery are used to mine for resources. Or get swooped up in lava.

ROBLOX Laundromat

  • A roleplaying game where users can chuck unsuspecting patrons into a washing machine. Or just wash clothes.
  • The place was converted into a more social hangout-esque game, which generated controversy from older players in Pinewood and other communities.

Train Demolition

  • A classic game where users destroy a train running towards the end of the line.

The Dog Food Factory

  • A predecessor to the Bread Factory game.
  • Buried in the placeholder of Train Demolition.

Pinewood HQ (2009)

  • The former headquarters of Pinewood Builders.

The Bread Factory

  • A classic game where users can make their own bread, only to be eaten by "Bob".

Pinewood Research Facility (2009)

  • A surface-based research facility surrounded by hills that were closed for years until the reopening of the Pinewood Research Facility in 2014.

Underground (1, 2, 3)

  • A series of adventure games based in an abandoned facility in the Arctic Circle where the user must navigate his way to escape the facility surrounded by the lore of military involvement.

Jet Engine Test

  • A facility where users can get sucked up by powerful G-forces.
  • Was featured on the ROBLOX Blog.

Pinewood International Space Station

  • Notoriously named "PISS", it was a space station orbiting Earth that served as a checkpoint and research station for any Pinewood space cruisers that intend to go into the great beyond.
  • An attempt to renovate it was conducted by theonlyinvincible and GraviticPulse, but the efforts were abandoned later on.

Pinewood Lock

  • A water gate built on the junction of a river and a lake that was constructed sometime in 2011-2013 as a personal server under the Pinewood group.
  • Little details are known about this game.

Pinewood Oil Platform

  • A 12-story facility based in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that held living quarters, oil production, and gas production, alongside other amenities that serve Pinewood as an outpost. It also had an oil blowout event that would occur if pressure build-up in the tanks was excessive.
  • It was developed by JKR Productions throughout 2015, and released after much delay on December 23, 2015.
  • Following the departure of the developers from Pinewood, it was rebranded to a different group.

Pinewood Marine

  • A naval outpost with several gunboats and canals that used to be affiliated with Innovation Inc.
  • Was closed due to the moderation of unknown reason, as well as a lack of updates from the owner.

Pinewood Nuclear Power Plant

  • A unofficial facility with an RBMK-style reactor that powers an underground research facility.
  • It was rebranded as a Hyptek facility following the October 20 events.

Red Europa Spaceship

  • Informally called the Pinewood Spaceship, it was originally a space cruiser being made for Pinewood by a team of six developers led by Woofmacht.
  • It was rebranded as a Hyptek facility following the October 20 events.

Pinewood Mars Echo Base

  • A launch facility based on Mars under construction.


Ranks are attainable by contacting the Promoter, SpyAgent388, through an application place.


  • Represents the community of Pinewood Builders.
  • Automatically given upon joining the group.
  • Unable to post on the group wall.



  • Knowledgeable of the use of basic Studio tools.


  • Knowledgeable of the use of the more advanced Studio tools.


  • Knowledgeable of the logistics of game development.


  • Has known to have made a popular game and is very knowledgeable in the use of Studio tools.



  • Knowledgeable of the use of basic scripting.


  • Knowledgeable of more advanced scripting.


  • Knowledgeable of the logistics of scripting.


  • Has known to have made a popular game and is very knowledgeable in scripting.


  • The first rank within the administration.
  • Responsible for promoting people to ranks based on their building/scripting abilities.

Vice Chairwoman

  • The second-in-command of Pinewood Builders.
  • Currently held only by Momolivia.
  • Formerly titled "The Great Minds", it was changed into singular form following Cajess's departure and then renamed.

Honorable Hall of Fame

  • A rank dedicated to veteran Pinewood executives.


  • The owner of Pinewood Builders. Position held by Diddleshot since 2008.


Approximate member counts last updated April 14th, 2018

PB Veteran's Club

  • ~21 members
  • Manages game development and group management.

Pinewood Intelligence Agency

  • ~17 members
  • Manages internal affairs, intelligence and place moderation.

Pinewood Builders Security Team

  • ~26,000 members
  • A security force that patrols and protects interests at Pinewood facilities.

Pinewood Builders Aerospace

  • ~3,000 members
  • A division dedicated to developing and improving aerospace-related games, such as Space Shuttle Advantage and the Mars Echo Base.

XYLEM Technologies

  • ~11 members
  • A development division dedicated to developing advanced technologies.

Pinewood Emergency Team

  • ~2,400 members
  • An emergency response team that responds to hazards such as fire, hazardous materials, and medical emergencies.
  • For quite some time everybody except Diddleshot was ranked "Member" (as of April 10th, "Rescue Hero"). On April 19, Uncondoned would eventually become Director.

Pinewood Monster Research and Containment

  • ~420 members
  • A division dedicated to researching on biohazards and unknown organisms.
  • Supposedly for the canceled PBRF expansion involving SCPF-like activities.

Pinewood Builders Cargo Management

  • ~370 members
  • A division originally based on the transportation and management of cargo throughout the PB facilities.

ROBLOX Laundromat

  • ~240 members
  • A fan club for the ROBLOX Laundromat.

Mega Miners

  • ~800 members
  • A fan club for Mega Miners.

PB Games

  • A fan club for most Pinewood games.