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Pinewood Builders (formerly known as Pinewood Labs) is a British-based building group with sectors in aerospace, mining, weaponry, physics, and much more. It is currently ROBLOX's second largest science-themed group, standing around 78,000 members.

Founded in 2008 by Diddleshot, (as a group in 2009) Pinewood is one of ROBLOX's oldest existing building groups. The group is also recognized for its contributions to the community with models to assist in game development and its group-created games, having a booth at BLOXcon Chicago in 2013, as well as the origins of many famous developers, such as alexnewtronZephyred, madattak, and Rukiryo.



May - November 2008

  • Diddleshot and a group of friends founded Pinewood as Pinewood Labs.
  • The earliest known facilities built were the Dog Food Factory in September, and the ROBLOX Powerplant in October. The powerplant was the first power station facility built on ROBLOX, while the Dog Food Factory was replaced by the classic game Train Demolition.

November - December 2008

  • A successor to the Dog Food Factory, the Bread Factory was open to the public; a large bread production factory with giant machinery which sole purpose is feeding a noob named Bob.
  • Later in December, Pinewood's first headquarters, named Pinewood Labs (2008), a medium-sized building in a similar setting to the ROBLOX Powerplant, was opened.
  • The first Pinewood Headquarters has presently been 'ruined' into Diddleshot's CRUSH A BUILDING! game. 



  • Pinewood Labs was renamed Pinewood Builders, and it was founded as a group with the latter name using the then-newly introduced Groups feature.


  • The Pinewood Research Facility (2009) was built. It was a three to four story, white building located in a large, relatively hidden compound. A tunnel was reportedly located past a checkpoint which at this time, was a mystery to where it led to.
  • A second headquarters was built. It was a much larger compound and was relatively hidden. Not much information is available regarding it at the moment.


  • Several facilities were introduced throughout 2009, such as the ROBLOX Laundromat, Pinewood Computer Core, Pinewood Space Station,  (2009), the Mega Miners game, and the launch centre of Pinewood's Space Shuttle Advantage.



  • Vice President RedDwarfIV introduces Pinewood Metro, an automated train system, which is used at the Pinewood Space Station.
  • Red also added several updates to Space Shuttle Advantage.



  • The Pinewood Builders Security Team was established to protect facilities, although its role was merely roleplay at this time.



  • The Jet Engine Test place was built, where it would test the effects of aerodynamics, and whether it was safe to place Robloxians within 10 feet of the turbine. Many injuries have been reported in the conduction of this test.


  • MRDAFG and Legodude88 founded the Pinewood Intelligence Agency, a top-secret agency responsible for managing Pinewood's internal affairs.
  • The new Pinewood Headquarters was opened, featuring a 12-story office building located on an artificial island in the vincinity of Hong Kong.



  • Diddleshot released a major update to the Computer Core, allowing the reactor core to initiate a meltdown. This would give the Security Team a major role in protecting the core from blowing up.
  • Throughout 2013 from this point, Pinewood, its facilities, and its divisions began to enter a modernisation phase.



  • The Pinewood Research Facility reopened after a full renovation of its exterior and interior design. It was now located in the Sahara Desert, with majority of the facility located underground, and is now directly connected to the Pinewood Computer Core via elevator shafts.


  • Construction on the Pinewood Oil Platform begins by a team of then-unofficial Pinewood developers from JKR Productions.



  • Director SigmaTech announces the Pinewood Oil Platform to the public.


  • Director Woofmacht founded the Pinewood Broadcasting Corporation, with RobbyRBLX as the first PBC President.
  • The Pinewood Emergency Team division was created.


  • Vice President Legodude88 was removed on April 6th, followed by a large number of other members leaving the group, notably those of the PIA and PBST. As a result, the PIA and PBST were left in a state of anarchy.
  • The Pinewood Oil Platform missed its first deadline of March 29, 2015. The April 6th purge also caused the oil platform to temporarily stop development.


  • The Pinewood Intelligence Agency and Pinewood Security were reinstated with new replacements following April 6th, with ShatteredGuest assuming the role of Head of Security and Head of Intelligence.
  • Diddleshot announced the construction of the Pinewood Research Facility would be restarted after around a year of inactivity. Several updates to the ROBLOX Laundromat and Mega Miners also followed.
  • Pinewood Oil Platform development resumed.


  • ShatteredGuest resigned from his post following a misunderstanding between him and Diddleshot at a security training. 
  • DeathPossession was appointed Head of Security and Head of Intelligence.


  • Legodude88 and some of the other executives who left on April 6th return to Pinewood.


  • DeathPossession and Momolivia were appointed to the Vice President position, much to the disgust of Lego and his fellow former executives, who left again as a result.
  • The Pinewood Oil Platform opened on December 23, 2015.



  • largeTitanic2 was appointed as Head of Security.


  • The Pinewood Oil Platform closed down and was moved to another group following the departure of newly appointed Director RobloxGuy6403.


  • xBlueSparks was appointed as PBC President.


  • Vatnajokull was appointed as PBC President.


  • MRDAFG returned to Pinewood. A reformation for the Internal Affairs Committee took place. Legodude88 returned again as Vice President, only to leave later that month.


  • The PIA constructed a new headquarters facility and began work on new training facility concepts for PBST. 


  • Head of Security and Head of Intelligence largeTitanic2 resigned from Pinewood Builders. Several members of the PIA joined him in a renegade.



  • The beta stages of PBCC's FilteringEnabled initiated at the peak of exploiting began to cause a negative effect on Pinewood's reputation. Game-wide updates had broken a lot of things, including PRIDe.
  • AkaSwift was appointed as PET Director. 


  • Galaxerz was selected to succeed Vatnajokull as PBC President.
  • The PBST Security Commissioner election took place, which was met with backlash from lower ranks. 


  • Woofmacht, a former Pinewood Executive, returned to Pinewood, who was re-appointed to the Board of Directors.
  • Woofmacht then established the Pinewood Administrative Assembly as a democratic system to organise the immense number of high ranks in the group.
  • A stable build of PBCC FE was released.


  • Major reformations began as Woofmacht was appointed as Head of Security.
  • The Pinewood Administrative Assembly was abolished.
  • Cajess was appointed to the position of Artistry Director.
  • Diddleshot and Director Woofmacht had decided to reform PBC by purging the entire PBC administration and the middle ranks, removing the Editing and Journalism divisions of PBC, and re-hired robbeshens (RobbyRBLX) as PBC President again.
  • Trains at the PBCC were finally fixed with the help of IAC members Gonow32 and theonlyinvincible. 


  • Theonlyinvincible was appointed to the position of Scripting Director by Diddleshot.
  • Theonlyinvincible assisted in the creation of a successor to the previous admin commands system named PRIDe. He and Diddleshot also made major updates to the Pinewood Computer Core.
  • UltimatePlasmaGuy replaced Tommify as PBC President.
  • The Pinewood Spaceship began construction by a team of six developers lead by Director Woofmacht.


  • Pinewood's human resources department was created.
  • GraviticPulse, Cajess, and DrGezus were appointed to the Field Officer position in PBST. Pinewood Space Ship is announced.
  • PBST 'strike team' activities are introduced, resulting in the creation of various regiments.


  • GraviticPulse leaves Pinewood.
  • Woofmacht and theonlyinvincible were appointed to the Vice President.


  • The second trailer for Pinewood Space Ship was released.
  • Aeseru and Kezzera were given the Board of Directors & Executives Rank.
  • PBC reforms began with Sir_Payne taking control of the group.


  • Group ranks are reformed with new and revised ranks.
    • This includes: Basic and Advanced Scientists, Basic and Advanced Builders, Development Team, and Moderation Team.
  • Gonow32, halfdeadtom, Excitive, danielpratt222, and DrGezus were appointed to Board of Directors.


  • The Pinewood Intelligence Agency was shut down by Sir_Payne, the founder of the sub-division, due to losing its purpose.
  • Andimal was appointed to Board of Directors.
  • Diddleshot and G0LDENLUIGI agree on a new logo and host a contest to see if anyone could succeed the 2014 (current) logo.


Pinewood has its own website as a zone for the latest group news, forums, and entertainment.


PB website

Decommissioned Sites


The group has many ranks that a member can have in Pinewood. To achieve one of the following ranks, you have to meet the requirements of the said rank and send a promotion request to Development Team+.


Members are allowed to write on the group wall, unlike how previously members were unable to post. This was due to the fact that pending being the rank automatically gained to filter out spam or bots.


Artists are experienced designers who make fan art, signage, textures, and more in the development of Pinewood facilities.

Basic Builder

Basic Builders are experienced developers, that skill in any field of design and construction of ROBLOX games.

Advanced Builder

Advanced builders are professional developers, that skill in any field of design and construction of ROBLOX games.

Basic Scientist

Basic Scientists are experienced programmers of game development, with knowledge in Roblox Lua and Mathematics.

Advanced Scientist

Advanced Scientists are professional programmers of game development, with knowledge in Roblox Lua and Mathematics.

Moderation Team

The Moderation Team provides main group ranks to members of the PIA, allowing them to have moderation powers for the main group.

Development Team

The Development Team is for outstanding builders, scientists, and artists. Members of the team work on development projects for Pinewood. This rank is achievable by being handpicked by the Vice Chairman.

  • nathanpn
  • CzachuPL

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors and Executives combined are a team of executives responsible for development of official facilities, management, and advisors to the Chairman.

  • Sir_Payne
  • Aeseru
  • Kezzera
  • Gonow32
  • Excitive
  • halfdeadtom
  • danielpratt222
  • DrGezus
  • Andimal

Secretary to the Chairman

The Secretary to the Chairman, formally known as the Chairman Secretary, is a rank handpicked by the Chairman. Much is unknown about the actual duties of the Secretary.

  • FDSA123567
  • Cajess

Vice Chairman

The Vice President is the second to the highest head of the company.

  • Woofmacht
  • theonlyinvincible

Honorable Hall of Fame

The past HRs of Pinewood Builders. Only achieved from being a retired executive.


This rank is unachievable. The head of the company.

Pinewood Divisions

All official Pinewood groups are held by only Diddleshot with exception to official Pinewood Fan Club groups, which must be verified by the Board of Directors.

Key = Shutdown / Closed / No longer owned by PresidentInactive

Pinewood Builders Security Team(PBST)

  • Pinewood's privately owned security force tasked to protect Pinewood facilities.
  • The PBST is currently headed by Woofmacht, Head of Security.

Pinewood Veteran's Club (PBV)

  • Many members of the PBV have been seen as inactive as of May 2015.
  • Communication/planning group for Pinewood Executives, Veterans, and Affiliates.

Pinewood Builders Aerospace (PBA)

  • Division used for research and development of aerospace-related topics.
  • Group is currently inactive.

Mega Miners (MM)

  • Division used for the news and development of Pinewood's game "Mega Miner".

Pinewood Broadcasting Corporation (PBC)

  • Pinewood's current official news agency for news reports, entertainment, and broadcasts.
  • Launched in February 2015 to compete with the Pinewood News Network until its shutdown in April 2015.
  • Group branding based on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
  • The PBC was relaunched following the shutdown of the Pinewood News Network on December 23, 2015.
  • PBC is currently lead by Sir_Payne, PBC President.

Pinewood Emergency Team(PET)

  • Pinewood's official emergency management and facilitation group. (~1880 members)
  • Currently has multiple different ranks, requring spesific training courses to obtain.
  • Currently under development. Soon to come will possibly be new privileges, abilities, features, and vehicles.
  • PET is currently lead by Lynbean, PET Director.

Group Facilities


Pinewood Builders Headquarters (PBHQ)

  • A 12 story office building in Hong Kong as the business headquarters of Pinewood Builders.
  • Pinewood's third HQ building.
  • In the PBV room on the 12th floor, a self destruct system can be activated only by Diddle himself. This burns the building to the ground. Controls executives can use are fire alarms and lockdown.

PBST Training Facility (PBSTTF)

  • Also known as Project CRATER in the early stages.
  • A training zone enclosed in a dome in the Sahara Desert where security are trained to protect Pinewood's interests.
  • Directly connected to the Pinewood Research Facility by an underground tram.

Pinewood Research Facility (PBRF)

  • A large research facility complex located in the Sahara Desert.
  • Majority of the facility, including the Computer Core, is underground due to the heat conditions of the Sahara Desert, and likely for security reasons as well as to serve as an extension of the Computer Core.
  • Recently completed with visible changes from the original building. Still, it remains largely empty.
  • Divided into three sections; the Pinewood Builders Exhibition, the underground facility, and the surface facility.

Pinewood Computer Core (PBCC)

  • Pinewood's second most visited game.
  • An underground nuclear computer reactor core facility, miles beneath the Pinewood Research Facility.
  • If the reactor core's temperature gets too high, it will trigger a reactor core meltdown capable of destroying the entire facility.
  • Pinewood's first facility to reach 1,000,000 visits.

Fly A Shuttle Into Orbit (FASIO)

  • Previously named Space Shuttle Advantage.
  • A launch center, possibly located in the Sahara, where Space Shuttle Advantage is launched into space to deploy a satellite in low Earth orbit.
  • Prior to the automated launch, you were able to manually land the shuttle.

Pinewood Builders Space Station

  • A large space station located in Earth's orbit, with artificial gravity, and docking and refueling for supply, passenger, and cargo ships to and from planetary missions.
  • Rockets launched from the Pinewood Computer Core dock here as well.
  • Once notoriously abbreviated "PISS" when it used to be named the Pinewood International Space Station.
  • Pinewood classifies the PSS as an inactive facility. Also, the spacecraft here are broken.
  • The PBSS remake halted development after GraviticPulse's resignation.

Upcoming Facilities


Red Europa Intergalactic Spaceship (REIS)

  • A futuristic space cruiser named "Red Europa".
  • In development by a group of six developers headed by Pinewood Vice President Woofmacht.
  • Has a serial number of "ES-1" or "Exploration Ship One"
  • Name was created from combining RedDwarfIV's username with the 'Europa Project', thus making "Red Europa".
  • An alpha test server exists to enable public testing, though access is not given to the general public.
  • Another public test server exists, this time being open to all. However, it only shows few assets and does not demo actual game play or experience.
  • Planned to be released in October or November 2017.


The Bread Factory

  • An automated factory that produces bread in different colors, sizes, and unknowingly feeds all its products to Bob the Noob.


  • A game based on Pinewood Labs's headquarters in 2008, where you can destroy the building with a crusher, Mega Miner vehicles, or with gear.

Roblox Laundromat

  • Pinewood's most visited game.
  • A roleplaying game based in a city laundromat where players wash their clothes, or chuck an unsuspecting fellow customer into the wet, spinning washing machine.
  • A major update in the summer of 2017 added homes, accessories, and various roleplaying paraphilia.
  • The said major update was heavily criticized by many players who used to play the classic Laundromat game, as it had turned the Laundromat into an "online dating paradise", notably the inclusion of a "Magic Morph" button, a commonly used free model for games of that kind.

Roblox Mega Miner

  • Pinewood's third most visited game.
  • A game where you mine and dig resources with your pickaxe, or the giant Pinewood drilling vehicles.
  • A recent update added an event where magma will rise from the ground, and workers must evacuate.
    • Pinewood's second game with an evacuation event.
    • The evacuation event is currently broken due to the magma not rising and earthquake not doing anything.


We Must Also Believe 2016 Promo Video02:14

We Must Also Believe 2016 Promo Video

An advertisement by Woofenon (Woofmacht)

RBLX Pinewood Builders Believe00:37

RBLX Pinewood Builders Believe.

An advertisement, by RobloxGuy6403 (ChromeEight)

Pinewood Builders We are the Future01:50

Pinewood Builders We are the Future

A Pinewood advertisement by Woofenon (Woofmacht)

Pinewood Builders Promotional Video-003:10

Pinewood Builders Promotional Video-0

A Pinewood advertisement by rex090

Pinewood Builders-Promotional Video Entry04:00

Pinewood Builders-Promotional Video Entry

A Pinewood advertisement by bill52600

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