Pinewood Builders Security Team (PBST) is a security division of Pinewood Builders.

Pinewood Security is responsible for protecting Pinewood's facilities at all times, such as preventing reactor core meltdowns at the core, or defending the weak from abusive OP weapon abusers. 

Loadout Sets


  • A low-damage baton (sometimes referred by members as a nightstick, a spanking rod, or a pool noodle)

Tier 2 (T1)+

  • A high-damage baton
  • A riot shotgun (referred by members as a sitgun, as it only makes the victim sit)
  • A riot shield
  • A taser

Tier 4 (T2)+

  • A high-damage baton
  • A riot shotgun
  • A taser
  • A MP7S submachine gun
  • A silenced USPT pistol (auto-click proof, includes flashlight attachment)



  • The rank received upon joining the group.

Tier 1

  • After getting 5 points, you become a Tier 1 guard.
  • Tier 1 are considered low ranks.
  • Same as Trainee.

Tier 2

  • After getting 10 points, you become a Tier 2 guard.
  • The Tier 2 loadout consists of a taser, a riot shotgun, a high damage police baton, and a riot shield.
  • Tier 2 at the minimum are usually called to defend visitors from OP weapon abusers at the PBCC since their high damage baton is capable of killing someone almost instantly.

Tier 3

  • After getting 25 points, you become a Tier 3 guard.
  • Same as Tier 2.

Tier 4

  • After getting 35 points, you become a Tier 4 guard.
  • Tier 4 loadout consists of the addition of a MP7S and a USP Tactical.
  • The highest obtainable rank with points.

Tier 5

  • Invited by Administrator.
  • Tier 5 can assist at trainings.

Tier 6 Special Defense

  • Invited by Administrator.
  • Moderators in PB games.
  • Can host trainings.


  • Administrators in PB games.
  • Can host trainings.

Head of Security

  • Unobtainable.
  • The current Head of Security is Woofmacht.

Chairman Alt

  • A rank exclusively for failsafe accounts owned by the CEO, who is Diddleshot.


  • Unobtainable.
  • The Chairman of Pinewood Builders and all of its divisions, who is currently Diddleshot.

Security Regiments

Currently all Security Regiments is abandoned cause the incident 20 October

Pinewood Security:Delta-7Δ

  • Lead by Woofmacht.
  • Goal is to "help those who require it and bring out the best version of all members who join our organisation".

Pinewood Builders Elite Combat Force

  • Lead by Gonow32.
  • A more combative regiment.

Pinewood Special Security Unit

  • Lead by halfdeadtom.
  • Goal is to "protect PBCC and to set an example to the rest of PBST".

The Overseer's Chosen

  • Lead by MRDAFG.
  • Must be chosen to enter regiment, hence the group name.

Security Handbook

  1. Updated: 03-28-2016  (LargeTitanic2)
  2. Updated: 05-8-2017 (Woofmacht)
  3. Updated: 05-21-2017 (Woofmacht)


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  • PBST uniforms are based on the security guard uniforms at Black Mesa, from the Half Life series.
  • Some people join PBST just for weapons and are likely not to attend trainings and just abuse their trainee baton. These people are mostly known as "abusers" or "rogue security".
  • The school year schedule is Saturday and Sunday.