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A place is the ROBLOXian term to describe a game that has been created by a player and posted to ROBLOX and is one of the core components that make up ROBLOX. Places were released in June 2006 by Telamon. All public places can be accessed via the "Games" tab on the main page of ROBLOX and can be filtered via tweaking the different filter options (listed below):

  • Default
  • Popular
  • Top Earning
  • Top Rated
  • Featured
  • Recommended
  • Top Favorite
  • My Recent
  • My Favorite
  • Purchased
  • Friend Activity
  • Top Paid
  • Builder's Club
  • Popular in VR


All places are classified by their genre, which can be set by the creator of the place in its configuration menu, to help people find a specific sort of place. Genres can be set by the creator to determine what types of personal gear players may bring into the place - depending on the creator's place preference configuration, players may or may not be allowed to bring gear that doesn't correspond with the place's genre. There are multiple genres that can be used to help you find different places:

  • All

    A list of genres, which can be found on the left side of the Games page.

  • Building
  • Horror
  • Town and City
  • Military
  • Comedy
  • Medieval
  • Adventure
  • Sci-Fi
  • Naval
  • FPS
  • RPG
  • Sports
  • Fighting
  • Western

A Skate Park genre had existed for a certain amount of time due to the massive increase in skate-park places during the DisneyXD-sponsored Skate-park Contest. however after the contest, the amount of skate-park places fell dramatically, and, as such the Skate Park genre is now hidden.

Making a place

Creating a Place

In order to create a place, go to the "Develop" page on the ROBLOX website (this requires that you be logged in). This page houses a list displaying all the places and items you currently own (these are in separate sections, which can be browsed through via the list menu on the left) but also allows you to create new places and items (players that do not have a Builder's Club membership may only create T-Shirts, Places, Decals, and Models). To create a place, click on the "Create New Place" button and select a template.

Develop Page

Develop page

Editing the Place

To edit the place itself, first activate it by clicking on the power symbol under its name which should say "Inactive"; this will allow players to access it publicly.  Then, click on the "Edit" button. A new window will open with your place in it. You are now in ROBLOX Studio. If you are new to ROBLOX Studio, there will be simple tutorials on how to move around the site.

Place Thing

Example of a placelist

Active Place Max

Example of the develop page with 200 maximum active places without BC.

All users may have a maximum of 200 places active at one time as of September 27, 2016 (as announced on the developer forums). Note that you are only able to have a certain amount of places active at the same time.

Accessing the Advanced Building GUI

The advanced building GUI, or most known as ROBLOX Studio, grants greater versatility to the user and can be used to make better creations, though it takes more practice to use effectively. To open up the advanced building GUI on your desktop, use the ROBLOX Studio application instead of using your browser to launch the place.

ROBLOX Studio layout

ROBLOX Studio layout

Configuring the Place

To configure a place, simply select the gear icon on the right side of your place's entry, then select "Configure Place" from the drop-down box. Configuring a place allows you to:

  • Change the place's name
  • Change the place's icon
  • Change the place's thumbnail image/video. Costs 10 ROBUX and 500 ROBUX respectively.
  • Choose whether or not game access is sold
  • Change the place's description
  • Change the place type (Game Places are places that cannot be changed by players playing within their public servers; Personal Servers are places that can be modified by players playing within their public servers).
    Configure Place

    Configure Place

  • Change the amount of players allowed on one server. The maximum amount of players is 50. (Originally, only MEGA places could hold 50 players and the max for non-MEGA games was 20.)
  • Change place access privileges
  • Change the place's copy-lock protection (Disabling this allows people to copy your place and edit it for their own needs.)
  • Turn place comments on/off
  • Choose what gear can be added to your game and displayed on your game page (Only Gear from the official ROBLOX Catalog is allowed for this feature; you will net a small percentage of the money players pay to buy gear from your game page.)
  • Change the game's chat settings (Bubble, Classic, or Both)
  • Change the game's genre (as seen by the public)
  • Change the types of gear allowed and whether gear of all genres are allowed, or just gear of the place's genre
  • Reset the place to a starting template
  • Revert the place to a previous version
    Game TEmplates

Game Playability

By default, a place is created in Experimental Mode, which indicates that FilteringEnabled is not on. Places active and in Experimental Mode may not be played by accounts with an age under 13.


The user can choose to start building on one of six starting templates:

  • "Baseplate", consisting of a large, empty stretch of land.
  • "Control Points", consisting of a pre made map and Control Points
  • "Flat Terrain", consisting of a large empty stretch of flat Terrain.
  • "Team Deathmatch"
  • "Free for All"
  • "Capture the Flag"

As part of the 2011 updates, all templates contain Stamper Building Tools.

Top 12 places

Most Visited

Ranked Place Name Visits Favorites Creator
1 Jailbreak 799,000,000 3,000,000 Badimo
2 Prison Life v2.0 362,000,000 1,000,000+ Aesthetical
3 Murder Mystery 2 357,000,000 1,000,000+ Nikilis
4 ROBLOX High School 294,000,000 1,000,000+ Cindering
5 MeepCity 284,000,000 977,000+ alexnewtron
6 Work at a Pizza Place 271,000,000 1,000,000+ Dued1
7 Natural Disaster Survival 258,000,000 1,000,000+ Stickmasterluke
8 Phantom Forces 157,000,000 782,000+
9 Superhero Tycoon 155,000,000 588,000+ firebreathingdragon6
10 Apocalypse Rising 111,000,000 636,000+ Gusmanak
11 Sword Fighting Tournament 37,000,000 259,000+ TheGamer101
12 Murder Mystery 25,200,000 224,000+ Nikilis

Most Favorited

Rank Place Name Favorites Place Visits Creator
1 Natural Disaster Survival 1,000,000+ 258,000,000 Stickmasterluke
2 Work at a Pizza Place 1,000,000+ 271,000,000 Dued1
3 Roblox High School 1,000,000+ 294,000,000 Cindering
4 Paintball! 446,000+ 44,000,000 Daxter33
5 Catalog Heaven 480,000 31,500,000 Seranok
6 Welcome to the Town of Robloxia 426,000 24,000,000 1dev2
7 Apocalypse Rising 419,000 29,600,000 Gusmanak
8 Base Wars: The Land 400,000 37,000,000 D4rk886
9 Natural Disaster Survival 331,000 30,300,000 ImaginationMachine
10 Heli-Wars: Desert Attack 323,000 12,800,000 DrewsomeB
11 Hide and Seek (30 Fields) 307,000 13,800,000 lando64000
12 Armored Patrol 298,000 13,400,000 ImaginationMachine

Old Templates

  • These were the old Templates:
    • "A Happy Home in Robloxia", consisting of a stamper-made house along with terrain, which received strong criticism.
    • "Starting Brick Battle", consisting of 2 opposing walled towers, two different teams and a base plate. Players get all of the standard Roblox fighting tools.
    • "Baseplate", consisting of a large stretch of Terrain.
    • Personal Server Starting Place


  • There are Currently over a Billion games on roblox.

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