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Player explorer

A Player in the Explorer window.

Were you looking for User?

A player is an instance that represents a User. The player contains the following events, properties, and methods:

Type Value Parameters Description
Method IsInGroup Integer userId Returns true or false.
Method IsFriendsWith Integer userId Returns true or false.
Method IsBestFriendsWith Integer userId Returns true or false.
Method RemoveCharacter Deletes the players character.
Method LoadCharacter Bool Forces the character to respawn. If the bool is true, then it will load the characters animation.
Integer AccountAge Number of days since the account was made.
Object Character The players character within the Workspace.
Enum MembershipType Holds the account's Builder's Club type.
Number userId Holds the player's userId (if your profile is then your id is 261)
Event CharacterAdded Instance character Fired when the character spawns or respawns.
Event CharacterRemoving Instance character Fired when the character is about to be removed.
Event Chatted String message, Instance recipient Fired when the player uses the chat bar or selects a phrase in the safe-chat menu.

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