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The current player list.

Not to be confused with Leaderboard.

The player list is an in-game GUI which lists all of the players which are currently in the server, in alphabetical order (or, if the player list has a leaderboard, the player list would display the players' names from the highest value of the leaderboard's first column to the lowest value of the same column). If a player has a Builders Club membership, a BC, TBC, or OBC symbol would appear beside their username, depending on what membership they have (formerly yellow, orange, and black hard hats respectively, currently various-colored arrows between two square brackets, one blue arrow for a BC member, two yellow arrows for a TBC member, and three orange arrows for an OBC member). If the creator of the place joins their game, a ribbon would appear beside his/her username (if the player has a

Builders Club membership or is a staff member, the ribbon will still appear). If a staff member joins a server, the ROBLOX "R" logo will appear beside their username (if the player has a Builders Club membership, it will still appear). As of January 10, 2017, a white tilted "O" in the ROBLOX logo (formerly the "R" in the ROBLOX logo) currently appears as the administrator symbol. The player can hide the player list by clicking on the player's name on the top right corner or by pressing the Tab key. Players can also send friend requests and report players via the player list. 

Old roblox player list 2012

The player list used in 2012

Old roblox player list

The player list that was used from 2006-2011 (The font was changed in 2010-2011...)

When an admin is in a
server. You'll see the white ROBLOX logo