Player points are a feature on ROBLOX. It is a simple number used to show skill. Players can earn them at select games where it is scripted to give them some by either playing an obby, swordfighting, etc. However, the clan point count and the player point count are now hidden.

If players go to a game that gives out player points, they will still get the alert that they got the points upon receiving them.

Originally, player points were displayed on users' profiles, and there was a leaderboard page that ranked players and clans by the amount of player or clan points. They have been reduced to being leaderboard for each game, and the player point count on the profiles were removed.

A feature that was removed was the ability to buy player points.


Clans are another feature introduced after the points feature was revealed. Clan points are the amount of points the members in a group's clan has in total. It costs 500 ROBUX to create a clan. A clan can hold up to only 200 players, unlike groups which can hold any amount of players and costs 100 ROBUX.


The leaderboards can be accessed on a game's page. The site-wide leaderboard was removed.

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