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ROBLOX Player Picture
The former character outfit for "ROBLOX"
DratonAdded by Draton
Players are any character with a real person in control, i.e. someone "playing" with the characters. This could be anyone who participates in any multi-player game. For ROBLOX this would be people who own an account or use a guest account to play and interact in game.

Currently there are over 50,000,000 accounts so far, and the number continues to rise.

There are two kinds of players. A permanent account, an account that is there, and when you log off or leave a server, is still there, unless banned or removed from ROBLOX forever. These accounts must be created through the registration process and accessed through the login process. These accounts may interact with the community depending on the set chat settings and safety measures in effect on the account. These accounts can also be banned or temporarily to permanently deleted by the ROBLOX Moderation and Administration Staff as an act of punishment against the player using the account's suspension.

Then there are guests, players who do not have an account, an individual name, and are present only for being inside the server. Once outside of the server, the "Player" does not exist and cannot interact with the community. This is the only option to playing on servers while not logged in when accessing and during the extent of the playtime. Guest, by default, cannot interact with the community in any way. But scripters have managed to create a way AROUND that anti-interaction, the safe chat features, to allow players using a Guest account to hear other player's free chat entries and respond in a free chat way.
A player of ROBLOX, dressing up in his best.
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Players whom violate or attempt to bypass the rules can / will have account action taken against them in the form of a warning, ban, or account deletion. If the player continues excessive account violations on said account, account bans will become longer and eventually after accumulating more and more offenses, shall have an account deletion. If more offenses arise on other accounts of the same player on the same IP, an IP ban could be administrated which pretty much is an Internet Protocol ban.

Players enjoy a number of numerous activities among the community. Anyone who pretty much has an account, does not have any account offenses, and is a "Free" chat player has the openness any new player or abiding by the rules - player of ROBLOX. A free existence over the internet to explore and interact with other players.

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