This article is about the players on the Roblox website. For the player class, see ExplorerImageIndex 12Player. For the players class, see ExplorerImageIndex 21Players.

Brown Charmer Hair Noob

Players, or users, are real people who play Roblox and control Robloxians, or simply use the website (with Robloxians still being their characters, of course). Players take part in numerous activities in the community, including buying and selling items, earning player points, editing their avatar, using the forums (temporarily closed), playing games, trading items (BC Only) and interacting with other players.

Roblox users have permanent accounts, which, after logging out of Roblox's website or leaving a server, will still exist as well as the data on games (if any is saved), unless/until the player becomes banned. Permanent accounts can be created through the Roblox website's homepage (namely the one seen when not logged into an account) and accessed by signing in on the homepage or login page. These accounts may interact with the community depending on the chat settings set and safety measures in effect on the account (usually for people who are below 13 years of age). These accounts can also be banned by the Roblox moderators and administrators as punishment for breaking rules on the player's account, such as swearing and online dating.

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