A power clan on Roblox is a term created by the Clans and Guilds forum section on Roblox. A power clan is basically a clan that has a dominant force on C&G(short for Clans and Guilds). There are many people who claim their clan to be a "power clan" but really aren't. Power clans are usually either invite only, tryout only, or admission only(in the form of a feeder clan or a test). Many, if not, all power clans despite having a relatively low member count, they pack quit a punch, and have a lot of skill (Not to be confused with a Super Clan, which is a clan with a High member count of 10k+). A current list of up-to-date power clans on Roblox (As of September, 2016) are(In no order) :

The Vaktovian Empire

-Current Leader: Vaktus


-Current Leader: KINGISOLAYTER

Federation of Arcadia

-Current Leader: Rodgerdodger

Interplanetary Strategic Alliance

-Current owner: MarshalSZK4

Canton Strategic Protocol

-Current Leader: Mohxy


-Current Owner: Synoan

Legion of Skaros

-Current Owner: aviationtechnology

Royal Blood

-Current Owner: Gbronzed

(Note: All of these clans are not based on a personal opinion. This list is subject to change depending on what clans do. This list is composed off of clans considered to be "power clans" based on Clans and Guilds. There are other clans that may be added in the future but aren't on the list currently.)

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