Print is one of the basic functions of ROBLOX scripting; it is a very simple method with a tuple of parameters. The method shows in the ROBLOX Studio's output box whatever string is entered in the parameters, or if there is a polynomial within the parameters, whatever the polynomial equals. For example,

print("Hello, world!")

Would show in the output:

Hello, world!

But also,


Would make

Hello World

Strings vs. Polynomials

If you want to output exactly what is typed within your parameter, you enter the text within double quotes within the parentheses, however if you are trying to make RBLX.lua calculate a polynomial, then do not use double quotes, and simply enter your polynomial in the parentheses. As an example:

--Double quotes cause the entered text to be outputted as-is

Would output:



--No quotes tells the engine that there is a calculation to be performed

Would output:


Use of Variables

Variables can also be inputted into the parameters, for example:

a = "Hello World!"

Would output:

Hello World!

Note that the quotes rule still applies as before, so

a = 1+1

Would output:


In addition...

a = 1

Would output:



As the print function does not actually interact with the ExplorerImageIndex 19Workspace service, scripters mainly use this function for debugging to check if and when a certain action in their script has been performed, and, if one of the actions failed, which action in the script failed.

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