RUN is a game created by the user Her0z. The game was usually on the front page until the game's deletion on April 23, 2012. He then gave the game to Firesoul69. Even through the game has been deleted, the original copy of the game can be downloaded here. After the game was deleted lots of counterfeit copies of the game spread.


On April 15, 2012, the description of RUN became "I thank jaredvaldez4 for letting me use his game." for unknown reasons. After that incident Rumors began that jaredvaldez4 or one of the April fools hackers hacked Her0z. 8 days later on April 23, the place was deleted and became Happy Home in Robloxia.

Game Objective

Similar to VyrissTheVixen's Survive the Disasters the game has the same concept. However the challenges in this game are more challenging because of the lack of effective power-ups of the game. You must survive from slimes that are eating the map. The slimes are similar from JustinP231's Attack of the Slimes Build to Survive!!!.


Because of the RUN's huge number of visits and favorites, many users still see it today as they search for games and play it. Most users today weren't around when it was deleted, so they don't know the story of the game and believe it's a misleading/boring game when it's actually deleted, The downvotes far exceed the upvotes because of this, especially since the voting feature was added after the game was deleted. However the game was respected well by the community during it's the game's prime and was always on the front page in the Horror genre. A user by the name of XiaoXiaoMan was going to make a review about the game, However the game was deleted before he was ready to enter the game. His unfinished review can be found here.


  • This game was formerly called "Get inside Justins house for points!!!"


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  • I love Spheres
  • 1 Million Visits. Woohoo we did it. PARTY TIME!!!!!
  • R.U.N Badge. YOU CAME!!!!!
I love Spheres

I love Spheres Badge


R.U.N Badge. YOU CAME!!!!! Badge


1 Million Visits. Woohoo we did it. PARTY TIME!!!!! Badge



R.U.N Before it's deletion


RUN's Former Thumbnail

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