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R15 is an animation rig currently in beta, which has more joints, and is able to bend. The model is named after the amount of body parts it has (15 parts) instead of 6 (R6), like the current model. The model is available to the public for testing. As the description of the game says, all the current animations are temporary, and thus will most likely be changed in the future.

Its fonts are "characterR15.rbxm" and "characterR15_2.rbxm".

It's also the first time ROBLOX had bendable limbs. In the past, were only in staged, pre-rendered promotional and a select few games.

Some games allowed the R15 when it wasn't out, the most notable one being Trade Hangout by Merely.

It is based off the animations from Super Mario 64.

Lua ports

There are scripts that attempt to remake the original model, including the animations, joints, etc, though all of them are now pointless as R15 is released for all ROBLOXians.

Implementing R15 and scaling into a game


R15 is available for the public on ROBLOX. To enable R15, users can go to the Develop tab, look at the set of tabs at the left, and click Games. There, they can configure the game they wish, and they will be brought to the "Configure Game" menu. In Basic settings, R6/R15 selections will be present also for scaling.

Broken features

Currently, some accessories aren't offset correctly on the avatar. Not all gears work. ROBLOX is currently converting all of the accessories and gears to work with R15. However, with over 12,000 accessories currently in the catalog, it does not seem likely that every accessory will be optimized for use with R15.

History of R15

Date Change

August 2, 2016 (rumored)

When the catalog shut down, there was a rumor which said that the R15 body will come after the catalog returns. The rumor continued into the next day, as the old banner was replaced by a maintenance banner for a short time.
At the ROBLOX Developer Conference 2016 It was announced that the release date for R15 is in October 2016. Very realistic animations were shown. There were also shown some idle poses and how the character will look when using weapons.
August 19, 2016 The Game Avatars Type setting was enabled to all users. See this Dev Forum post for more information.
September 26, 2016 R15 became available to view on the avatar section. Players can now switch between R6 and R15. This feature is currently in beta.
September 29, 2016 R15 was released to public. See here.
October 12, 2016 New swimming animations were added. That means while swimming you will not see walking animations.
October, 2016 (date unknown) Some R15 profile avatars have now a pose. This doesn't effect while holding a gear.
November 17, 2016 Scaling was added but only R15 can use it.
November 23, 2016 R15 is compatible for packages. Also all item previews now use R15.

Avatar 2.0

On January 18, 2016 Roblox annouced a feature called Avatar 2.0. It received mostly negative reception. All the negative feedback caused Roblox to go back to the drawing board and make something else, later remaking Avatar 2.0 to R15.


Although some liking the feature, many users did not respond well to R15 for a variety of reasons. A small portion of these users thought it would make ROBLOX harder to run on old systems, however; for most this was not much of a problem.

Many people feel that the animation is awkward, ugly, and does not suit ROBLOX well, hence the title, ROBLOX. Others fear that this is a step in the wrong direction for ROBLOX, and eventually it will only benefit developers. Many users took to the Forums to voice their complaints and rants. However, R15 is completely optional, with the exception of games that are R15-only.

One user stated the walking animation appears to be "an angry 5-year-old stomping" and another stating that they look "fat" using R15. Furthermore, some think the cheering, laughing, walking and waving animations appear to be over-exaggerated and strange. It was also criticized for the joints being too visible, since October 2016, and some catalog items appearing to not work properly. Some users even believe it will be used by online daters.


The Scaling feature was released on November 17, 2016. It allows users to scale their avatar's width and height. Game developers can set whether scaling is user choice or normal.


Example from catalog has become a white bodypart


  • Some body parts or packages appear to be mostly white.
  • The R15 has been reported to not let users chat.


Guests are unable to choose whether they want to choose between R6 and R15. Thus, when a game is set to Player choice, guests will use the R15 body. The only way to use R6 as a guest is to set a game to R6.


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