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The current official Roblox+ logo.

Roblox+ is a Google Chrome extension made by user WebGL3D. It enhances the Roblox website (more features) and allows users to receive Chrome notifications for certain things that occur. These are the features that Roblox+ offers. These are the settings and features (to access, go to the menu and click "R+ Control Panel", or go into settings and the Roblox+ tab.):
Main Volume Main volume for sound playback throughout extension
Voice Volume How loud the voice is
Voice Gender The gender of the voice (Default, Male, Female)
Item Notifier The sound that plays when a new item in the catalog comes out
Trade Inbound Sound that plays when you receive a trade from someone
Trade Outbound Sound that plays when you send a trade
Trade Completed Sound that plays when a trade is complete
Trade Declined The sound that plays when a trade is declined by you or the other person
Group Shout Notifier Sound that plays when a group makes a shout
Forum Notifier The sound that plays when a forum notification goes off
Name Pronunciation How Roblox+ Pronounces your name
Post IDs Displays a linked post id to the exact forum post you're viewing
RAP Displays a user's RAP under their name in a forum post
Embedding Embeds YouTube videos, decals, images, and audio links - changes text for item, and forum post links
Embedded Image Size Size for Embedded forum images
Blocking Hide forum posts from user's you've blocked
Signature The text under your body in a forum
Signature Lines How far down from the body will the signature be created (Max 4)
Navigation Counters Updates Friend requests, Messages, Tix, and Robux without refreshing the page
Trade Currency Updates trade currency rates without refreshing the page
Sticky Trade Rates Adds current Robux and Tix rates under the currency in the navigation bar
Remaining Counter Updates the remaining counter on limiteds while they're on initial sale
Sticky Trade Rates Adds current Robux and Tix rates under the currency in the navigation bar
Item When an Item gets created or updated, you'll receive a notification
Trade Notify when you get, complete, decline, or send a trade
Group Shout Notify when a group makes a shout (you can also decide what groups)
Forum Get notified when someone replies to a recent or tracked thread
RAP Display a user's RAP on their profile page
Group Tiles Redesigned group space on profiles
Open trades in new tabs Opens a trade in a new tab instead of a new window
Always use Liquid Trading Liquid Trading is a redesigned trading menu
Quick-Sell Allows you to sell items from the develop page
Texture Asset Get the mesh or texture of a hat on the hat page
Counter Commas Shows full number of your currency with commas
Side open When enabled opens the side-navigation menu automatically excluding game pages
Button Text 1 The text to show on one of the 4 top buttons
Button Link 1 The page to be linked to on one of the 4 top buttons
Button Text 2 The text to show on one of the 4 top buttons
Button Link 2 The page to be linked to on one of the 4 top buttons
Always use Roblox+ Inbox Goes to the Roblox+ inbox when opening the message page
Serial Tracker support When enabled allows you to help fill the Serial Tracker databases
OBC Theme Allows you to have the OBC theme
Startup Notification When Roblox+ starts a notification will pop up with the current version, and update log
RAP Assistant On the trade page colors trades based on who has higher RAP
RAP Whether or not to show RAP on a user's profile.
Changed Username Login If turned on, you can log in with an old name.
Theme Allows you to turn on a theme.
Quick-Sell WIP
Roblox+ Inbox Allows you to turn models/decals/meshes/audio straight from the develop menu.
Popover Box Icon

Display the R+ circle on the right.


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  • The narrator is the computer's text-to-speech voice, depending on the user's operating system.
  • Once the extension is installed, an extra feature is added to the sidebar, with the Roblox+ logo and has the words Control Panel beside it, which shows the settings for Roblox+ when clicked.
  • On April 14, Roblox+ went offline as WebGL3D was "not home to fix" shortly after the constant notifications of items being updated - More information will be released later.
  • WebGL3D is part of the Roblox staff team and is hired as a web developer.
  • On the Roblox forums, Roblox+ is sometimes called a keylogger. (A device used to log your keys to find out your personal information or passwords). This, however, is untrue.
  • You can change your background of Roblox with this chrome extension. There are 3 backgrounds which are Classic, OBC and Easter, which is no longer available.