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ROBLOX is an account shared by all of the admins on ROBLOX. The account is mainly used to upload items. The account has Outrageous Builders Club, and the admins on it have made more than 100 places but only 27 are active. His places include all of the starter places and other classic games such as Crossroads, Chaos Canyon and Rocket Arena. Many people think he is the creator, but really, it was Builderman (David Baszucki) who created the place(s). ROBLOX also has an ID of 1, which was given sometime in mid-July 2008, replacing user david.baszucki's ID of 1. Which may have originally been ID 18. Supporting evidence comes from the fact that Admin , the first account created, had the ID of 1, but was switched to 18 before being deleted, meaning that they probably did that to make the main ROBLOX account ID 1. Despite the large amounts of profile views, place visits, ROBUX, and tickets on the account, ROBLOX has no friends. But in starter years up to 2008, ROBLOX had friends. Around 2014 (estimated) ROBLOX didn't have any friends and not even builderman (David Baszucki). It is suspected that ROBLOX did this because the account had too many friends. Despite builderman having about 68,000,000 friends, the reason ROBLOX use to have 2 friends when most if not all of his friends were removed its still unknown even to this very day. Also, a bit off-topic, erik.cassel, the co-founder of ROBLOX, said that builderman was more of a message-answering-bot. This connects the fact that ROBLOX has no friends and builderman has more than 68,000,000 friends. On Labor Day 2015, ROBLOX was online on a game called Auto Duel. In 2016, ROBLOX was online and changed his character and his games.

Guest Account

The appearance of ROBLOX used to be the same as a guest's except that male guests have a "R" cap and female guests have Pinktastic hair. Whenever one of the admins changes ROBLOX's avatar players that are not logged in wear the same clothing. (When gear was first released, this became a problem. Any guest playing a game that allowed gear would receive all of the gear "ROBLOX" owned. This was fixed soon after.)


On April 1, 2012 ROBLOX was banned for unknown reasons. Many players theorized that the account was hacked, however, it was later revealed that it was an April Fool's Joke.


Active Places

Inactive Places

In late 2012, the place "City" was renamed to the location of the Roblox Game Conference due to unknown reasons.


The player "Admin" was one of the accounts before the ROBLOX account was made. Before the public release of the game, the Admin account was deleted. Many people think that this account is actually the ROBLOX account, but with a changed name and look. Though this idea seems plausible, there are no backing up information, and there is many supporting evidence proving that this is not true. The most obvious proof is:


Friends: 0

Knockouts: 3,330

Followers: 347K+

Place Visits: 29M+

Forum Posts: 289

Profile Views: Most likely around 11B+

  • B: Billion
  • M: Million
  • K: Thousand
  • +: More than (Example: 26M+ means more than 26 million)


  • ROBLOX's join date is February 27, 2006 according to ROBLOX's profile. This is an error to make ROBLOX the first user to join. But Admin is the first user.
  • Despite not logging in usually for months ROBLOX is seen being very active in the Catalog, uploading items mostly each week despite never online at that date/time.
  • Roblox shares the same join date with the users John Doe / Jane Doe who happens to have the user id of 2 and 3.
  • Up until 2015 ROBLOX's inventory used to public, now it is private.
  • Even though ROBLOX now has Outrageous Builders Club and can now make all of his games active he has not done so yet despite it being highly requested  from the community.
  • On the February 17th, 2016, ROBLOX's character was changed.

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