Roblox 3.0 bodies from left to right: Sarge, Missy, and Max. Sarge and Max are using the Man package, whereas Missy is using the Woman package.

The ROBLOX 3.0 packages are the successor to the ROBLOXian 2.0 body package. New accounts on ROBLOX are now created with this body, along with generic clothing. It is the first package to be included upon joining.

The male hair is the only hair to not be included upon join, instead pal hair is the join hair for males. Although when you join as a male you have pal hair, it is not included with the package. Strange enough pal hair can be bought for 90 ROBUX if you are not a new male or female.

Although each package has a face for each individual one, when new users joined the faces are absent, however the packages can be bought from the catalog. All that will be bought is the face and hair (male).

Most users who wear this package resemble humans (wearing real-life clothing and wearing olive or brown skin).


The ROBLOXian 3.0 was introduced to ROBLOX in 2012 with a price of 75 ROBUX. Shortly after, new players had begun generating with the mesh, which could be taken off and replaced with the 1.0. Many people dislike and criticized the body, but the community hate had slowly began to drop down. The price had fallen for the new packages to 25 ROBUX, and then became free. As of October 2014, approximately 1,000,000 of both bodies have been either taken or generated onto an account.

Body description

As you know, the bodies are used on new players. Both bodies - simply named 'Man' and 'Woman', have distinct looks. The man, to start off, has thick arms, a puffed chest, rectangular legs, and a masculine face. The woman has thin arms, a calm face, a thin torso, and twig like legs. This body is sometimes used for online daters, though rarely compared to the 2.0

The faces included have been described by the community as creepy and unsettling.

The woman package was the only package to have a butt area, as all other packages are flat to not have sexualization and so they can be used by males and females. The butt was removed in 2017 after user criticism.


Like with other ROBLOX packages, ROBLOXian 3.0 received high amounts of criticism within the ROBLOX community. The majority of players who prefer to wear 1.0's and 2.0's reacted to the bodies with disgust. Multiple users have noted that the package highly resembles LEGO and KRE-O action figures. Similar to the criticisms for ROBLOXian 2.0, many users consider this package an "OD'er item" and many clothes become stretched when applied. It received a major increase of dislikes compared to the 2.0. 

There are also several groups whom disapprove the use of the ROBLOXian 3.0 packages within their members. ROBLOX Infantry Corps are one such group as it causes the uniform to become warped. Many users argued about the faces and body features. 

The faces were extremely disliked and still are. The reason being many say is how out of place and creepy they appear. Also notable for many people is that female outfits with shorts typically looked extremely unfitting on the female package as the butt would be showing which many argued was an issue. Along with that many users didn't appreciate the unnecessary butt on the female package that is absent on the male one. 

Although hated, ROBLOX staff try their best to promote the package even by changing the ROBLOX account's look to resemble a 3.0 instead of a guest.

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