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The Roblox Administration of Defense, also known as RAD,  was founded on May of 2016 by veterans of the clan known as The Robloxian Army. The Commander, Loked25, being a long time member of TRA dating as far back as 2010, set out to make his own group with similar core values used during the golden age of the clan world, thus the Roblox Administration of Defense was born.

 The First Era

The first high command of RAD consisted of only Loked's friends he knew in real life even if they were new to participating in a war group. As unorthodox as this may seem, it insured the group had a solid foundation. The group was more like a third world clan and used a base cleverly named the RAD HQ, which was known for its simplistic building style. The group grew to a decent amount of members before it slowly declined.

 The Second Era

Loked rejoined The Robloxian Army he loved so dearly only to realize it had not grown in the way he had hoped. The high ranks became lackadaisical and rarely cared about the TRA's standing or any of its lower members, causing the group to decay over the span of one or two years. However, Loked found a friend in the most unlikeliest of places, in their medics division. He met Liber8or, who had been in the TRA Combat Medics for over five years and had always been a high rank. One day Liber8or had noticed RAD in a bad state and questioned it. These two had agreed that TRA was not what it used to be so Liber8or suggested they revive RAD using Tonitoni's teachings.
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RAD Trailer

The group grew at an astonishing rate, and as soon as it had around 100 members, it began performing attacks on the U.S.S.F. and other large groups. Activity slumped for a while so the two leaders created a base for the group and named it "Fort Frostbite." This may have been one of the group's most iconic forts and helped the group as it gained hundreds of more members. 

 Final Days

  The group was finally put to rest in late July of 2017, as its two juggernauts resigned. It's members still use the group as a community of sorts but there is no clear date on when the group will continue its functions.

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