The Roblox Administration of Defense, also known as RAD,  was founded in May of 2016 by veterans of the clan known as The Robloxian Army. The Commander, Loked25, being a long time member of TRA dating as far back as 2010, set out to make his own group with similar core values used during the golden age of the clan world, thus the Roblox Administration of Defense was born.

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 The First Era

The first high command of RAD consisted of only Loked's friends he knew in real life even if they were new to participating in a war group. As unorthodox as this may seem, it insured the group had a solid foundation. The group was more like a third world clan and used a base cleverly named the RAD HQ, which was known for its simplistic building style. The group grew to a decent amount of members before it slowly declined.

 The Second Era

Loked rejoined The Robloxian Army he loved so dearly only to realize it had not grown in the way he had hoped. The high ranks became lackadaisical and rarely cared about the TRA's standing or any of its lower members, causing the group to decay over the span of one or two years. However, Loked found a friend in the unlikeliest of places, in their medics division. He met Liber8or, who had been in the TRA Combat Medics for over five years and had always been a high rank. One day Liber8or had noticed RAD in a bad state and questioned it. These two had agreed that TRA was not what it used to be so Liber8or suggested they revive RAD using Tonitoni's teachings.
RAD Trailer

RAD Trailer

The group grew at an astonishing rate, and as soon as it had around 100 members, it began performing attacks on the U.S.S.F. and other large groups. Activity slumped for a while so the two leaders created a base for the group and named it "Fort Frostbite." This may have been one of the group's most iconic forts and helped the group as it gained hundreds of more members. The fort was used in one of RAD's most crucial wars, The Umbrella Corp war, of course as most of the newer clans the war involved vast amounts of war term violations from the opposing side leading to a victory for RAD and their former ally The Robloxian Empire. The final war score was 5-0 and caused mass amounts of conflicts with UC and their allies. But it wasn't all that bad, for the war caused RAD to go into a renaissance period of mass amounts of upgrades in technology, graphics, and philosophy.   

Bonds were created between members within every raid and defense. This marked the beginning of a new form of leadership. Soon after the war, many considered it to be RAD's third unofficial era which could have been true. New developers were being hired, more high command were appointed, and RAD even managed to ally, a now mega-clan, The Combat Assault Team. CAT had given RAD a substantial amount of growth in the player base but what they really helped in was combat (Hence the name).   

CAT gave RAD hope making all RAD members into an ethnocentric haven where all RAD believed in being better than CAT which in the end did make us better in skill. Although RAD couldn't catch up to CAT in members because of the 2ic of CAT pouring hundreds of dollars into advertising every 2 weeks. RAD was surprisingly better in skill. This superiority caused many CAT members to switch sides to RAD for better training and members. With this large growth also came some of CAT's developers most notably pyro89. RAD had never had their own scripter until pyro came along. With the arrival of pyro, RAD began to see new technological advancements up to the point where RAD was going to finish their new gun engine, the Komodo Engine.   

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Outpost Avalanche

During the winter of 2016, a project commenced a RAD fort so massive an airbase had to be implemented. The planned fort, named Outpost Avalanche, was planned to have a 3-point domination system which was seen as fair to defend due to the mass amount of RAD joining. The fort, however, was never released due to complications with brick count along with the main builder and commander Loked25 having to solve the activity decline during December. However, a new fort was brought along bringing back ideology from one of RAD's previous forts of the first era, Project Disarray.  

Project Disarray

In early January of 2017, a remake of an iconic RAD fort was created, Project Disarray II. The fort was first seen as one-sided and unfair, but as RAD gained members the fort had to be balanced. Every raid where the raiders actually had the common sense other than saying "unfair" or "one-sided" RAD would receive suggestions on edits that could be made to the fort. Most of these suggestions were taken into consideration and led to many crucial updates and patches to the fort. Some of these updates being so major they had to receive names. The first was the edge-lord update which caused RAD to change the fort into a more fair battleground by switching the guns out to SF SMGs due to complaints that RAD had better weapons (Which was never true). Along with the edge-lord update came a new skybox giving the outpost a more warzone appeal. The colors were changed on terrain and color correction and bloom effects gave the fort and "edgier" look. During this update, landmines were removed from the previous "mine update" which most members don't prefer to speak about due to the absurd amount of landmines that covered the fort. After the infamous edge-lord update came the sweat-lord update. This update gave raiders an anti-spawn trap wall along with mountain access and more cover. At this point, the fort had seen its most fair state having both sides be almost equal in advantages. The raiders, however, still had to complete the obstacle course and take a separate path to get onto their mountain which was still seen as fair because the fort was changed to a 9v11. The sweat-lord update was caused during a feud with TRE and one of their allied clans threatening with invasions and war. This update put RAD on high alert finding new defense strategies with every patch. The fort was used from the beginning of 2017 to RAD's final days.

 Final Days

The group was finally put to rest in late July of 2017, as its two juggernauts resigned. Its members still use the group as a community of sorts but there is no clear date on when the group will continue its functions.