The Future Is Now, a ROBLOX 2014 April Fools prank, was a video released by ROBLOX's official YouTube channel on April 1.

This isn't the first time ROBLOX has pranked its users; there were incidents such as Shedletsky stating on the blog that ROBLOX was bought by Google and would be renamed "Gooblox".

The Prank

On April 1, 2014, ROBLOX's YouTube channel posted a video named "The Future Is Now". In the video, David Baszucki, Matt Dusek, and Adam Miller talk about "The Future of ROBLOX". In it, they explain about an update that "will change the future of ROBLOX". They explain that soon the humanoid shape of your ROBLOXian will turn into a cat. They explain how "it will open up [new] ways of thinking and possibilities, and that there will be cat centric games. The ROBLOX user Games even made a snowboarding game of cats.


The community did not react well to this. It received over 1000 likes and approximately 460 dislikes and there was many hate in the comments. A while later, they changed the title to: "The Future Is Now [Happy April Fools' Day!]". Later on, the negativity died down.