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The ROBLOX Black Market is the original work of a now inactive user, known only by his alias 'Saxophone'. He created it with no confirmed success in the summer of 2008, and the "RBM" is not known to be particularly active in the present day. Over time, various users have claimed to be a part of it but cannot supply definitive evidence to support these claims.

Original purpose

The original purpose of the ROBLOX Black Market was to trade accounts, which is against the rules. This meant that all operations of it would have to be executed off of Roblox's website.

The RBM gained little momentum at the time, as there was no want to trade accounts. Later on Saxophone stopped using his original account. It is unknown if he still associates himself with Roblox. When Saxophone left no one by one else was "in charge". The RBM though gained members one by one and continued on until late January 2009.



2008 was when the RBM was created. It was made to trade accounts. However, the RBM did not get much popularity and later Saxophone stopped using this account.

July 2009-September 2009

July saw an increase in Roblox activity, but by now the RBM was only used by a small group. The increase in activity brought about more members. At its peak in July the RBM was being used frequently, but not for account trading. Shirts and pants dominated the trade in the RBM and became the primary function of it— to organize trades. Account trading started to die out and by the July of the following year it was no longer a used but by a very few.



MorshuX's appearance as of 8/20/2012.

On October 4th of 2010, the user MorshuX was created. By 2010, the use of the RBM was declining. Fewer and fewer members started to conduct trades. At this time MorshuX joined but later left in just a few days. That following December, MorshuX rejoined, by this time the RBM was dead again. MorshuX then told a few people about it, sparking a new increase in activity. However, because the old users of the RBM were no longer using it, the clothes trades ceased along with the account trading. MorshuX took ownership of the RBM and began trading "prizes" for publicity to increase the RBM's activity. Throughout 2011 MorshuX started dealing successfully.


The early months of 2012 came with continued activity within the RBM. By the month of May 2012 the exact number of members was 62. Since then the RBM had been declining again for another time. As of 8/20/2012 there has been no known activity within the RBM. It is believed a different system is being used to conduct operations. If this is true the RBM is still functioning, but if not the RBM is dead.

On 11/2/2012 a member named FerociousFoe posted a thread regarding Roblox user Alkia. The thread developed into Foe asking if Alkia needed help for his account situation. MorshuX posted there respecting Alkia's decline to Foe's offer.

On 11/16/2012 MorshuX posted a thread regarding people to private message him if they are interested in joining the RBM. This thread alone is proof that the ROBLOX Black Market exists, but does not prove that there is activity.

April 2013

On April 24 of 2013 a user named Nixalot made a deal with the RBM and received a place from them. It is unknown or unreported who actually created the place as the RBM was thought only to deal in MorshuX's "prizes" and him asking for people to refer a few people. This place may be one of those prizes. It is noteworthy too though that Nixalot received two places, this may suggest a heavy price which would in turn cause a new means of payment instead of publicity.

Price Floor Update

The October price floor update may have affected RBM activities, however it seems as though MorshuX has not said anything on the matter. In an unreleased statement made by MorshuX in August 2013, he said he wished there was a way to "maximize profits" made off ROBLOX character clothes. This can lead one to believe the update actually helped the RBM, or at the least MorshuX.


An RBM thread regarding membership resurfaced that shows and proves Khuza's involvement in the RBM. Some people believe that Khuza plays a lead role in the RBM due to the fact that he has been noticed multiple times on the forums mentioning the RBM. MorshuX also resurfaced sporting Dologan's outfit. It was mentioned in a deleted thread MorshuX was the one to leak Dologan's VAK outfit.

On April 8th, 2017 a thread was posted by FerociousFoe who had not been active in many months. The contents were as follows:

  • "MMMMMmmmmmmMMMMMMMmmmmm zididididi WOAH

This random post does not make cognitive sense, however the title for the thread is "RBM HIJINKS." It cannot be said what it means, but if to be taken literally it could be some sort of inside joke.

On May 1st, 2017 a thread was posted by a user named Shchors titled "Thank you Buzz" as a reference to a video made by YouTuber, Buzz, regarding the ROBLOX Black Market. The contents are as follows:

"You weren't supposed to find out about it. You looked for it, but never found it. The RBM has been secret for "?" years, and we plan to keep it that way."

As of May 15th, 2017, the thread has been deleted by Roblox. There is no explanation as to why the thread was delete From Shchors' statement, they imply that the RBM is still operating and has managed to elude many attempts at finding it.

Suspected RBM users

It has been confirmed that the RBM members used to use alternative accounts on ROBLOX for privacy in their dealings among the community.

The following users are suspected to have a membership to the RBM.


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  • "Black market" means selling or trading illegal products. Trading accounts is against the rules, which is why it's called the Black Market.
  • It is not known if MorshuX is Saxophone, but due to what MorshuX has claimed and proved it can be acknowledged that it is a possibility. MorshuX has never claimed to be Saxophone though.
  • If you do the math, every time you look at Roblox's Roblox Talk, Off Topic, and Clans & Guilds forums, there is a 0.009% chance that you read a post written by a member of the RBM. (2012)
  • The ROBLOX Black Market has a hierarchy, one of the positions being "Commissioner". (2012)
  • The RBM's hierarchy is not known to still be solid or fluid, but one may assume as it resurfaces key players come and go.