ROBLOX Command Regiment

ROBLOX Command Regiment  (RCR in short) is a newly formed clan which is an official break-away clan of the original RCR superclan. The clan is currently led by Jartex, whom is developing various places and assortments of technology for RCR. RCR was formed on the 17th of June, 2013 by Skuxxdeluxx, a former main account of current Commander in Chief; Jartex.


After the RCR superclan came dead on activity due to Frankinstien2344's inability to progress the group further and his own long-term inactivity, various HRs and clan members decided to form another RCR in an attempt to recreate an active and prospering clan. However, from there on till today, activity has been fluctuating and current attempts by RCR's top brass to curb inactivity is proving to work at odds. New policies are being put into place, such as training schedules and guidelines, as well as the general guideline for all members.


This is the rank system of RCR. There is 16 in total.

LR-1:] Recruit

These are the newly enlisted members of RCR. The majority of members are in fact Enlists.

LR-2:] Private

These are the members who have shown some kind of contribution towards RCR.

LR-3:] Corporal

Main militants of the regiment. This rank contains majority of soldiers who are actually willing to go the mile in becoming a higher rank in RCR.

LR-4:] Specialist

This rank is the more 'advanced' Privates, who have shown more attendance to RCR events.

LR-5:] Sergeant

Once a sergeant, members are nearing their end of LR status in RCR. Sergeants are the HRs among the LRs; they're respectful members who have gained their deserved rank.

LR-6:] Lieutenant

Not much different to Sergeants, this is the final LR rank before moving onto the brief MR ranks, and possible HR ranks.

MR-7:] Captain

Being the first rank in MR status, these members are qualified for the RCR Academy. This is the ONLY way a member should rank up any further.

MR-8:] Major

With the promotion to this rank, you'll find that members in this rank+ begin their journey/quest to HR. Around this rank is where members start to mature, improve in their assets, etc.

OoC:] Inoperative

This is the final rank before HR. These members are required to take tests before the decision of their rank is made. Members get to this rank by showing all-round assets, discipline, matureness, and a decent sized vocabulary with good grammatical skills. If there are no HRs around, these are the Soldiers who will take charge.

HR-9:] Officer

These are the 'specialised' of the group. These members+ can then choose whether or not they want to participate in RCR's divisions: ۞║ ROBLOX Command Regiment Military Police ║۞ and ║║ROBLOX Command Regiment Elite Division║║.

HR-10:] Colonel

Once Lvl 3 in the RCR Academy, members are rewarded for their commitment with the lowest HR rank. These are the upcoming leaders, also eligible for a further rank if levelled up in Academy.

A:] Diplomat

As said in the rank name, these are leaders of RCR's allied forces.

HR-11:] General

Generals are leaders of great potency and are able to command vast numbers of soldiers. They usually call out and lead raids against other clans. A lot of contribution and dedication is required to attain this rank.

HR-12:] Admiral

Only the most dedicated and elite members of RCR any attain the rank of Admiral. They are usually promoted through a show of great deeds and contribution to the clan, as well as displaying great leadership skills, discipline and maturity.

HC:] High Command

Personally hand-picked by the Commander in Chief, these are the Commander's must trusted advisors and second and third in commands. Currently two members hold this rank:

  • Robloxxia
  • Skuxxdeluxx (Jartex's alt account)

CiC:] Commander in Chief

The Commander in Chief of the ROBLOX Command Regiment. This rank is held by the leader of RCR, whom currently is Jartex. The former leader was Skuxxdeluxx.