The Endless Summer Camp Out was a 14-hour long Twitch event. Users could join the Endless Summer Camp Out game and hunt for hats, play minigames, and participate in the stream.

This event also had a long sale, where several either offsale or expensive items were featured at a lower price.

Endless Summer Camp Out

The Twitch stream began at 4 PM Pacific time, and lasted until 9 AM the next morning. The stream showed ROBLOX administrators playing the Endless Summer Camp Out game along with any participating users.

During the stream, players on the game could participate in minigames run by administrators and hunt for hats scattered throughout the map. Participating, or simply being in the game at all slowly allowed the user to gain player points, which would be tallied at the end. The top ten players received prizes.


Several offsale items went temporarily back on sale, and some expensive items' prices were lowered and featured on the Catalog page.

Also, the Endless Summer Grizzly Bear hat was on sale for 1 tickets


The event received mostly negative reviews from users due to the fact they did not actually get the Endless Summer Grizzly Bear hat as claimed in one of the game's badges, and also because of the its large amount of bugs and errors. Players have also criticized the place having to shut down either due to marshmallows spawning outside of the accessible map, server-hopping voting being broken, or players randomly spawning in the admin area.


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  • During the stream, the admins became high obsessed with Kanye West so much that they spammed his Twitter account with tweets related to a theme the admins assigned.
  • They featured a wheel that would be spun about every hour that would land on either a Giveaway, Feature a ROBLOX Twitch Streamer, Taking it to the Tweets, Spelling Bee and a Animal Call Guessing Game.
  • The background featured behind the admins once had a giant Telamon randomly wandering through the forest; with the admins being told to look behind them by the subscribers which they did not believe.
  • The admins wanted to break records during the stream. However, the results of the records haven't been posted thus far.
  • The admins featured a stuffed animal dog with them during the stream.
  • The admins had a fake fire with them while streaming along with some jokes about not setting things on fire by being too close to it.
  • This is the only admin-made event of 2015.

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