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The ROBLOX Freedom Association was a clan founded in July 25th 2010 by the infamous BenBlue9. After his success in running clans such as the UCR and UAF, he created the RFA with the ideals he attempted to instate during his time as president of the UCR. Because of this, the RFA was known for promoting democratic values and in return, the group had grown both in size and popularity as it quickly rose to the 13th largest war group on the site.


After Ben's resignation, the clan became unstable. Several leaders came and went as the group slowly declined. Finally, the RFA came to a screeching halt, when its final leader decided to hand the group to squidboi2, who was a high rank of The Vaktovian Empire at the time. Thousands of members were lost and within days, the RFA completely shut down.


Around 2011, Lissitski and Isaac88, took charge and set up a revival for the RFA. The group lasted for a very long time until it's last successful leader, Hashifox resigned. In 2017, Jay_Galt, previously known as pepper0, announced that he would be running the group after working on his previous group, the Union of Columbia. He appointed stickysoap as his second in command to aid him in enforcing the constitution.

RFA Logo during BB9's era.

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