ROBLOX Heroes is an event that started on June 1st, 2017. The event ended on June 14th 2017.The games featured are Super Hero Life, Survive the Disasters and a custom game made for the event. There are three prizes up for grabs; one in each game. The event was met with mixed reviews from players.


These are the games in the event.

Name Image
Heroes Of Robloxia
Heroes of Robloxia Thumbnail
Survive The Disasters!
Super Hero Life


Heroes of Robloxia - Sneak Peek00:48

Heroes of Robloxia - Sneak Peek





Way To Obtain

Wings Of Robloxia Heroes Of Robloxia
Wings of Robloxia
Complete the first 3 missions.
Clever Cover Survive The Disasters!
Clever Cover
Help the Civilian and make sure none are left behind and survive the round.
Mask Of Robloxia Super Hero Life
Mask of Robloxia
Rescue 10 pets as a hero or destroy 10 hot dog stands as a villain.

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