ROBLOX Holiday is an event consisting of 4 holiday-themed or holiday-decorated games. This event was sponsored by Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. Each objective prize represents a body part or piece of clothing that a Snowman generally wears. The other prizes are collected when a certain goal is achieved.


The games featured in the event are:

  • The Quarry
  • Work at a Pizza Place
  • Sword Fighting Tournament
  • Lasertag


Prize Icon Name Game How To Get
Santa of the Future Lasertag To get this hat win a round of Lasertag.
Festive Pickaxe Pack The Quarry In the mines there is an ore called "Turquoise".

Find it to get this hat.

Festive Sword Valkyrie
Festive Sword Valkyrie Swordfighting Tournament To get this hat you have to achieve 10 wins in Swordfighting Tournament.
Joyful Bell Helmet Work At a Pizza Place To get this hat you have to do all jobs 10 times

except manager and on break.

For example cook 10 pizzas or deliver 10 pizzas.

(this became a limited item months after its been released.)

Snowman's Carrot Nose Work At a Pizza Place This hat spawns at set spawn-points across the map.
Snowman Scarf Lasertag This hat spawns at set spawn-points in the map Gift Exchange.
Snowman's Hat Swordfighting Tournament This hat spawns at set spawn-points ingame.
Snowman's Head The Quarry This hat spawns at set spawnpoints in the map(not in the mines).

Catalog Items

Image Name Price
Larry's Flashlight Gear
Larry’s Night Guard Flashlight 1 ticket
Lancelot's Sword Gear
Sir Lancelot’s Sword 1 ticket
Tablet Gear
Tablet of Akmenrah 1 ticket
Dexter the Monkey Gear
Dexter the Monkey 1 ticket