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ROBLOX Holiday 2015 is a developer-made sponsored event in which the event is sponsored off of Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip.


Image Name Game Objective
Alvin ROBLOX High School Find him randomly around the map, then collect him
Simon Bunny Island Find him at Gaspar's supplies at the northwest door then go in there to find Simon and collect him.
Theodore Epic Minigames Find him randomly while playing minigames and collect him.

Catalog Items

Name Image Price
Alvin's Hoodie
Alvins Hoodie
1 tickets
Alvin's Hat
Alvins Hat
1 tickets


The event received mainly enormous negative reviews from users, due to the catalog items being promotional, and the event having almost nothing to do with Christmas. Others have criticized it for the little-to-no effort and sponsor ROBLOX is promoting. Users also criticized the event's games for lazily hiding the prizes, making many of them believe they are very simple to obtain and lacking any sort of challenge.