Imagination is a ROBLOX event which started on the 22nd of July 2016, and

ended on 7th August 2016. Players need to collect six prizes in three games respectively which was specified in the event page.


Item Image Game How to earn
Floating Thingumajig
Roblox High School Make a painting.
Fruity Pebbles Spoon
Fruity Pebbles Spoon
Roblox High School Attend 10 Classes at the School.
Rainbow Hero Mask
Roblox Top Model Win a round in the game.
Hat Coture
Roblox Top Model Wear one of the special event clothes in the game.
Ripull Minigames Win the featured minigame.
Wyv The Destroyer
Ripull Minigames Find the hidden portal in the featured map.


The Imagination Event received mixed reviews from users. Some users have given negative reception to the event for the use of games such as "ROBLOX High School" and "ROBLOX Top Model" and referred to them and for both of them being already featured in previous events. It also has been criticized for its prizes, which some claim to "do absolutely nothing" and others saying it is a "Dev Event" which is not worth participating in. Some users have claimed it to be decent for the small add-ons in the places chosen, generally giving this event mixed reviews and critiques.