ROBLOX is a free online building game. People say you pay. But is it a requirement to play? Go Online? Build? Nope. It's free. You don't HAVE to buy BC. Now, what is BC? BC stands for Builders Club. Builders Club gives you extra benefits that normal users, free members, as we refer them as, don't get. Like: 15 ROBUX, 10 places, and the ability to sell things. Remember -- this is a kids game, so don't get over-excited with the ability of stuff. Everything in ROBLOX is moderated by the helpful team of moderators - selected and debated who to choose by the admins, and CEO. Now, you will see lots of players here, you, if you are being new, will see lots of people, some being mean to you, A.K.A. noobs, and those who are nice to you. Everyone will have at least one fan, just not right when they start. I will introduce this stuff later on. Now, if you just joined, you will see that you have 10 Tickets. Tickets are used for buying Hats, Shirts, Pants, Gear (rarely), T-shirts, and that's about it. Lastly, when you go to comments, you will see pictures. That is spam. Please report spam. When I say pictures, I mean things like the terminator in all different special keys. Or even just a stick figure. And when you hear that "copy and paste" it is a fake. It doesn't give you any tickets or ROBUX or anything. More like giving you a ban.

ROBLOX's purpose

ROBLOX was made and inspired by David Baszucki AKA Builderman. It was made for fun, and for an entertainment purpose, for users of all ages! Most of all, for happiness! Most people will complain about updates, usually because they only look at the negative side, but when you look at what's the good side, you see there is more to it than what you thought. ROBLOX is making physics as realistic as possible, and they are doing all they can. If they make a mistake, then, they'll fix it! Their purpose was to entertain. Helped a TON by Erik.Cassel without Erik.Cassel, ROBLOX wouldn't be as good as it is today. Telamon AKA John Shedletsky also helped. He helped with the sparkles. That the users know for sure. Try keeping kids safe too!

What you need to know

ROBUX - The big currency, you get ROBUX From the Catalog > Then Trade Currency ( TC ). Trade Currency is located below the My ROBLOX Tab, and simply on the left side. What many people say in games are not true. If it is a flame - an insult - then it is most likely not true. Remember, this site is filled with 7+ year olds, and if you reading this, then you too, and that most the times when they insult you, they are usually just mad. You have 4 options to fix it. The first one is to try to make peace with them. The second one is to make a joke out of it, like if they say "ur fat" then you say "Inorite? I am fat" eventually, they'll find out it doesn't work on you. The third thing you can do is ignore them. The LAST thing you can do is use logic against them. The key to getting around is try different personalities you have. If they don't respond nicely - a lot of people, not just one - then try a different personality. The main thing is to fit in before you will see how great ROBLOX is. Also, remember to go to the News section often to see what's going on.

The community

The community here in ROBLOX can be strange at times; but the main thing to do is ignore those spammers/flamers. They are not respected; what's the use in believing just ONE person? It is overall that'd be the best. The community in ROBLOX is very tempered; and can get upset very easily; and once upset, they will get pretty bad. The thing you need to know the most about the community is what they like. This is a vital piece of information to survive ROBLOX. Many like funny; but a few in the forums itself doesn't - that being said, they just want no spam - so try to play along with what comes. If the person has no sense, I see no use in trying to be friends with someone who is just a bonehead, so remember, always go with the flow, and try to be funny with in-game. Not everybody will laugh to the same joke. That is my tip to you.


Building is a major thing to get tickets, or, tix. Each visit gets you 1 tix. You could go on alts and continue visiting your place for tix. So, gradually, as it gets better, and you get better with both imagination and building, it will get to front page. To keep it there, add new things, so those same players will come back and keep the game up on that front page. Another tip is to make it adventurous, good title, good picture ( from decal ), and many others. Make it original. Example: Keyboard Obby. You could make lowercase and uppercase letters for the obstacles. There are three types of building: Meshing; normal; classic. I'm all three; I have trained. Meshing is when you use CFrame - a script to rotate into bricks or just rotate. Or you use the meshes from a hat, or from the special meshes given to you. Go to workspace. You will see a camera icon. Never delete that. Also, your workspace is where you store your models, bricks, and decals in the bricks. You click on the brick > Tools > Insert > Object > You will see a whole list. You can do this for everything. Just make sure to click. Make sure you click. Even on the workspace you can do it too. Now, you can use special mesh. On the bottom; you should see Properties and Explorer. Go to properties to change the mesh type from Head to Torso to Wedge to Ball to Cylinder to all sorts of meshes. Then, if you go into the brick properties, you can change whether it is a ball, symmetric ( excuse spelling ) or block ( maybe brick ) and symmetric is basically size it to the shape, still under work. Classic building is what my first place looks like; except imagine it with no bevels. Bevels are what connects the brick so that it looks like it's not curved. It will have an edge, and I'll give you an example later on. But it starts with bevels on, and so turn bevels off -- Just type in ROBLOX in search once you hit start. Next, you go to Tools, then you will see Settings. Click on Settings, then click on Rendering, then you should look for it, turn the bevels off. You'll see it. Normal building is just the way that it is now. Bevels off ( in the picture if you got bevels on ), no meshes, and a few others. I just can't explain it.

Free models

The catalog is filled with models made from other users. You can use these models in your place as you wish to make it better. However, it is usually recommended to not only use free models and also create things yourself, as free models are often of a bad quality and as many users frown upon the excessive use of free models. It is preferrable to give credit to the person who created the model, though it is not required. In the past, free models would frequently be infected with "viruses" (not really harmful viruses, all they did was destroying your place or spreading everywhere). This is not the case as much as back then, but you should still be careful.

Tips to survive

I have already said a few tips to survive this community, but not enough, and later on with this long paragraph, it will give you tips with games, friends, and how to get to the front page! Now, the key point in being with a successful community is to always be smart, never say things that are stupid, or spam, and incase you don't know what spam is, it is when a user makes a pic made from random characters from the character map, then makes a person or thing, or keeps saying the same thing over and over again, or just keep saying bad things. If you give tips when this happens, it might just go away, and that will be your key to survival. Now, here are some tips for the games. If you want your game on the front page, you must have a good picture, good title, good description, something to keep them on, something to make them look more into if it is exploring, and a great plot. If you can do this, you're all set. Now, don't go inviting random people when you just hit people, remember, that is spam, and if you read the terms and services ( ToS ) you'd know you'd get banned for 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, or 14 days, or deleted, or reminded, or warned. You invite people you know, really good, if not, they'll just ruin the game for you. Now, I'll give you a few tips with friends, one is to NEVER stop talking to them. By this, I mean DO NOT, after a long period of time, forget about them. Send them a PM! If you don't, they'll probably never remember you. While this can be bad, it may end up in them deleting you as a friend.

How to win at the RoblEX

What you need: Calculator, NotePad, and a brain./ This is a crucial, and money making way to make trades. First off, all you need to know is your ratios. You see that "Pair Bux/Tix"? Well, that represents the order. So, the first ratio would be ROBUX. The second, would be TIX. First off, you DON'T want a high ROBUX ratio. You'll see why as I tell you how. In order to see how much ROBUX you would make with, eh, 700 tickets, you'd first DIVIDE ( this is why the robux big ratio = bad ) robux ratio. So, 700 tickets divided by 11.009. it = 63.58434008538. Round that big baby up! 64 Robux. Write it down on NotePad if you plan to keep a log of it, and if you don't use the calculator I use. Next, to find out how much tickets you'd make, you'd multiply the ROBUX by the Tickets ratio. so, 64 times 11.396. it equals 729 tickets! You've just made profit! now, type that baby in! After that, you will KNOW how much robux you would've got and if it would go below or not, so you no longer need to do 2 problems in one. Unless you like safety. Spread = how far apart from one another. The more spread, the better. The less spread, the better for tix.


You need Builders Club, Turbo Builders Club or Outrageous Builders Club to create a group, but anyone can join a group that is already created. What are groups? Groups are like online clubs or clans in ROBLOX . Once you have created a group you can create Personal Servers for it and have Allies and Enemies.

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