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ROBLOX Ultimate Competition is an event held within ROBLOX beginning May 11, 2015. During this event, users could play through Hex, Hide and Seek Extreme, and Robot BLOX for the possibility to earn prizes, 3 of them were the ultimate competition outfit (ultimate competition helmet, ultimate competition laser swordpack and the ultimate competition armor).


Like most ROBLOX events, you can earn items in the ROBLOX Ultimate Competition.

Icon Name Game How to get
Ultimate Competition Laser Swordpack HEX Has a chance of dropping when killing an enemy.
Ultimate Competition Helmet Hide and Seek EXTREME Spawns at set locations across the map.
Ultimate Competition Armor Robot Blox Very commonly a special box with a logo of it on it will spawn. Pick it up to get it.
Subspace Commando Hat HEX Win two rounds of HEX in total to get this hat.
Hide and Seek Sports Crown Hide and Seek EXTREME In the map there is 5 different sports balls. Find them all to get this hat.
Scrap Crown Robot Blox Kill 10 robots to get this hat. Winning a round also counts.


As usual, you can buy gear during the event for style or in-game help with obtaining the items.

Icon Name Price
Ultimate Competition Cap 10 tickets
Ultimate Competition Racing Helmet 150 ROBUX
Battlebot Headgear 75 ROBUX

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