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Not to be confused with the 2017 event Voltron Universe.

ROBLOX Universe is a sponsored event which sponsors Rogue One, a spin-off Star Wars film. The games used in this event are Phantom Forces, Galaxy, and Skybound 2. The event started on December 8 and ended on December 17.


Game Image Creator/Group
Phantom Forces
Phantom Forces Thumbnail
StyLiS Studios
Galaxy Thumbnail
Skybound 2
Skybound 2 Thumbnail


Item Image Game How to earn
Intersteller Sunglasses
Interstellar Sunglasses
Galaxy Smuggle 3 goods through these spaceports.
Helios Headphones
Helios Headphones
Phantom Forces Win 3 matches on the new Moon Base map.
Galactic Sun Hat
Galaxy Mine the rare space mineral and sell it to a special dealer at the spaceports.
The Major's Helmet
The Major’s Helmet
Phantom Forces Find the Codex after earning a 5 kill streak.
Skybound 2 Destroy 5 small ships.
Celestial Scimitar
Skybound 2 Destroy the Big Battleship.



  • None of the items are based off of the sponosored film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
  • As of February 10th, 2018, you can still get the Intersteller Sunglasses and the Galactic Sun Hat in Galaxy since the creator hasn't shut down the original existing servers from the event. Now the the 2 badges as well as the hats is unobtainable due to the creator send a note at the badge.