ROBLOX University 2014 was an event held by ROBLOX Corporation throughout September 2014. In this game, players had the option to watch two different tutorial series that would ultimately result in the user learning how to design that type of game. UristMcSparks and Stickmasterluke guided users throughout the tutorial series. The tutorials focused on creating either a racing game (ROBLOX Racing) or a social murder mystery game (The Mad Bloxxer). After watching the appropriate tutorial, players would then take a set of quizzes to test their comprehension of the material, and prizes were distributed to the players that have successfully completes all four quizzes for each tutorial series. 


Users that successfully pass all four quizzes for each tutorial series were rewarded with corresponding ROBLOX items. Completion of the ROBLOX Racing series gave users the ROBLOX U Racing Helm, and completion of The Mad Bloxxer series gave users the ROBLOX U Hood. At an unknown date, ROBLOX made these items unobtainable.

School Supplies

In preparation for ROBLOX University, ROBLOX had released various hats and gears that allowed users to display their school spirit for ROBLOX University. Both the ROBLOX U Moped and ROBLOX U Frisbee were allowed into the ROBLOX University game.


During the event, some users would cheat by finding answers on the web, instead of watching the videos and taking the tests fairly. This, however, was a disadvantage for them, as they did not learn anything new.


After the event, the ROBLOX team did not change the settings of the tutorial videos to Public. This means that anybody that does not have the link to the playlist can not watch the videos after the event. Although, the link can be found right here. The videos are still very informative and the scripting still works today.