2016 Robux

ROBLOX Points were the original currency of ROBLOX before Robux were implemented on May 14, 2007, to start further developing the ROBLOX currency system. ROBLOX points were earned as a daily login bonus or by playing minigames. They were first used as player points however they later transformed into a way to buy items for your avatar. They were small yellow R's in a golden circle (ROBLOX points1), similar to the current ROBUX design with a white R$ symbol in a green circle.

Player points

Player Points

Player Points were later implemented on April 15, 2014, by ROBLOX, to see how popular they would be on ROBLOX about seven years after the removal of ROBLOX points. They turned out not to be as popular as expected so ROBLOX removed many of the original features such as purchasing of player points, player point global leaderboards, and player points display on your profile. As of now, they don't have any use.