Video making is the act of creating videos on a variety of topics, such as the internet forums and video games, for various reasons, mostly for entertainment and fame. In ROBLOX, film making (also known as machinimas) is popular.


ROBLOX film makers have been around since 2007, when JJ5x5 created the "Roblox Gone Crazy" series of videos. These shorts utilized the physical properties of ROBLOX with overlapping sound effects to create a comedic effect in a series of sketches and recurring gags. Other users such as XiaoXiaoMan and Fleskhjerta soon followed in his footsteps and gained vast popularity across the ROBLOX community. As a result, the ROBLOX moderators devoted an entire forum, ROBLOXiwood, to the practice. In this new forum, the "Studio System," or collective series of groups working together to produce films, was formed with the creation of ZZR Studios by Ultrazz in 2009. Since then, this forum has been reset two times: In 2013, it was merged into the I Made That Forum, a combination made with the Look What I Made Forum, a forum for builders. This change was seen negatively by both communities, as their posts were crowding each other's respective threads. After this reception was taken up with the moderators, they decided to change it the following year into the Video Creations with ROBLOX Forum, which is the current home of ROBLOX videos.

The ROBLOX video community is divided into four main sections:

The ROBLOX Film Wiki

Spawning directly from the end of the ROBLOXiwood Forum, this community of filmmakers follows the Studio System. Shortly before the official end of the forum, super penguin 55, a frequent member of the community, created an information database for the members of the community deemed important enough to the history of the Studio System.

Film Standards

The Wiki includes standards for the films included, which include:

  • ROBLOX Record is not a suitable recording device. Only videos that use another recording device will be considered for eligibility. However, if a production's quality does not meet the standards of the Wiki's admins, it may be removed from the database unless historically significant.
  • If your production is between 3 and 15 minutes in length, it qualifies as a Short. If this Short receives at least one sequel, it becomes a Series. If it exceeds 15 minutes, it becomes a Film.
    • Series must complete at least one season to qualify as a completed production. This rule assists in the induction process (see below).
  • Productions with three reviews or more will receive an average score, which will be used to rank it on a list of the best and worst films in the database, according to the critics' scores.
  • In order for your film to have a page on the database, it must be uploaded to YouTube. If it is still being made, you can have one upcoming film recorded without having a page for yourself on the Wiki. If you do have a page on the Wiki, you are allowed to make up to three pages for upcoming films.
  • All films are rated based on content and categorized by the recommended age range at which they should be watched.

Induction Qualifications

The Wiki runs on a basis of qualifications you need to have before you can earn a page:

  • To be credited officially as a Director, Writer, Producer, etc. or to have your Film Company qualify, you must have helped to make three completed productions.
  • To be credited officially as an Actor, one must star in three completed productions.

Even though these rules are in place, people like Fleskhjerta are included on the Wiki due to their contributions to the industry.

Recorded Inductees

Members inducted into the Wiki include:

  • AGavent, an actor for the Neo-Avant Institution and the founder of an upcoming film company, TBA Films. He also serves the ROBLOX television industry (see below) with his company, Haven't Networks.
  • Agent Ap, the founder of Roblox Adventure Productions. He serves as a prominent actor in the film industry, but became known for directing alongside I Am Mister until the latter's quitting.
  • Ahache 123, an actor for Never Awakening Productions and Stopmotion101 Studios.
  • Almighty Noob, the founder of Hyperion Pictures Studios. He served as an actor for multiple companies across the industry. Currently defunct.
  • Ambamby, does mostly music videos.
  • American Warships Film, the founder of Warships Pictures. Credited with making what is said to be one of the worst ROBLOXiwood films ever made, Herobrine.
  • Anubis The Pharaoh, an actor for Rick Roll'd Productions.
  • Arclord Rpg, a special effects artists. Aside from being involved for a time with the community, he won an official award in ROBLOX's International Film Festival for his short, Chaos Redemption, the trailer for a cancelled film idea that became a standalone video.
  • Arctic Fox 001, an independent director who works as an actor for multiple companies.
  • Army Person 557, an independent director and owner of Robloxian Motion Picture Studios
  • BATMAN 21005, the founder of MAYHEM Entertainment. Serves as an actor for multiple companies.
  • Ben Is Legit, a prominent member of the community. Aside from his regular duties of directing, acting, writing, and producing, he serves as an admin on the ROBLOX Film Wiki.
  • BlackVoid, an officially featured film maker. Along with SharpTH, he worked on the film RoWar: Reboot, a remake of Are92's RoWar, until the project's closure after two years of development.
  • Blitzen, an actor for multiple companies.
  • Bobby 45602, an actor for Zilex 1000 Productions.
  • Bobbysayhi, a comedy video maker who was prominently known in the forums. He was affiliated with the Wiki for a short time, but after quitting filmmaking was deemed below the standards and removed from the database. Currently defunct.
  • Bob The Clumsy Man, an independent director who works occasionally with the community. Since 2009, he has produced The Noob, a series about a classic ROBLOX noob who goes on adventures. Over time, the series has evolved from a comedic production into a more serious one, and it is now expecting a reboot.
  • Ternus, a former member of ROBLOXiwood, he is known for his games but also for series such as Planetary wars and RoDawn, on his youtube channel JRX STUDIOS.
  • Brisingr, the founder of multiple film studios. He is known for quitting the industry numerous times despite releasing many productions that were deemed decent, including Destruct Fire, a film thought to be one of the best products of the community in 2012. Currently defunct.
  • Buddy 17474, the founder of Buddy Productions. Currently defunct.
  • BugMeister, the current Vice President of Poppleworks Media. He is known for being an actor in many productions for Mister Throwback and Popple Works, and is especially skilled in set building. Currently not on the database, but eligible to be added.
  • Child Giotto, the founder of Aether Films. Has collaborated in the past with companies such as Appleworks Media, The Mafia Films, Inc., and Throwback Studios.
  • Cool Lego Dude1, the founder of The Unknown Productions and a very prominent actor in ROBLOXiwood.
  • Don Valuta, the founder of The Mafia Films, Inc. and The Neo-Avant Institution. He is known for being one of the most powerful forces in the community, being the founder of two of the largest companies in its history. His films mostly contain elements of postmodernism.
  • Eddie Scelta, an actor for multiple companies.
  • Faave, a prominent comedy film maker in the community. Despite being popular in the forums and Route 66 Productions, he is no longer affiliated with the database.
  • Gamerwalk, the critically-acclaimed founder of Walker Pictures. After reaching a very high level of approval in the community, he left. Currently defunct.
  • God's Avenger, an independent director and an actor for Route 66 Productions.
  • Harry131291, the founder of Vexant, Inc. and the creator of ROBLOX wood's first and most classic horror film, The House.
  • Headless Horseman 12, the founder of the now-defunct Headless Films. Currently defunct.
  • Hopeless, a former actor for Never Awakening Productions and Stopmotion101 Studios. After being fired from both, he now works independently.
  • HotShawnMichaels, an actor for The Neo-Avant Institution and the now-defunct Throwback Studios.
  • Hyperman 400, an actor for Never Awakening Productions.
  • I'm Mister, the founder of Throwback Studios. He had an extensive career collaborating with various companies, but his films were under the standards of the admins and not well-liked by the community. He is no longer in the database, and most of his films have been removed from his channel. Currently outside of the community.
  • JohanSKruger, the founder of JSK Entertainment. He is most notable for creating a number of shorts and series before leaving the community to do standalone work. He won an official award at BloxCon London for Video of the Year. Currently working outside of the community, doing gameplay commentaries.
  • Junior Waffle Lover, an actor who works independently for Littlegreen 1.
  • Juzzy 4, a leading actor for Stopmotion 101 Studios.
  • KingJonas42, the founder of King Jonas Studios.
  • Knoxer, a controversial actor. After facing "disrespect" from his superiors, he posed as somebody named Sean, taking to the forums to say that the original person behind the account had died of heart failure. After admitting that it was false, he decided to quit. Currently defunct.
  • Legendary Superhero 98, an actor for Throwback Studios. Despite having a page at one point, he does not qualify. Currently deceased.
  • Littlegreen 1, an independent director who, at one time, served as the Vice President of The Neo-Avant Institution.
  • Lord Crossfire 82, the founder of the WRS Corporation and ConFirms, a company that originally united the WRS Corporation, The Capcom Company, and The Mafia Films, and later Brisingr Ic's Olympus Pictures, but eventually fell apart. Now, it serves as a unification of the WRS Corporation, Crossfire Studios, and Warbeast Films.
  • Magformers Pro, a frequent collaborator with his real life friend Rick 120.
  • MisterObvious, a very popular comedic film maker. Was formerly included in the database, but later removed for undisclosed reasons.
  • Mr44, a comedy video maker who became a prominent part of the ROBLOXiwood forums from 2011-2012.
  • Poppleworks, the founder of Poppleworks Media. He is known for being a large part of the community since 2011. Has been known for struggling to complete a production aside from shorts, but has an extensive filmography as an actor.
  • Routes, the founder of Route 66 Productions. Notable for creating both comedic and dramatic shorts and series.
  • SethiXzon, an early member prominently known in the forums. He was affiliated with the Wiki for a long time, but was removed at some point due to unknown reasons. Currently outside of the community.
  • SharpTH, an officially featured film maker. Along with Blab Void, he worked on RoWar: Reboot, a remake of Are92's RoWar until the project's closure after two years of development.
  • Super Penguin 55, the founder of Lone Penguin Films and Origin Penguin Films, along with the ROBLOX Film Wiki. Despite not releasing any more than three productions, he is known as the governing force behind many moments in the community's history past the forums. Currently defunct.
  • The capcom Freak, the founder of The Capcom Productions, The Capcom Company, and Never Awakening Productions. He is known for making films based on mental disorders and illnesses, along with the credit of making a film trilogy in record time. His three films, The Rescind Trilogy, was comprised of three, half-hour films that were filmed, edited, and released within a few weeks.
  • Tom Pengu, a well-known builder. Known for creating one of the most recognized films in the community's history, Alien in 51, but does not qualify to be in the database. Currently defunct.
  • Ultrazz, the founder of ZZR Studios. He is the founder of the Studio System and has more credits as a producer than anyone else in the community.
  • Zilex 1000, the founder of Zilex 1000 Productions. He is one of the most well-respected directors in the industry, having been nominated for more awards than anyone else. His films are known for their classic feel, having been inspired mainly by the works of Alfred Hitchcock.

Many video making players in ROBLOX play in certain places just to create videos, although many of the videos made by said videomakers end up becoming a failure. However, despite the failures, some videomakers in Roblox have managed to create good quality videos, such as XiaoXiaoMan, with "Roblox Random Insanity", JJ5X5 with "Roblox Gone Crazy", John Bausal with "Slender Hunters" and Dayren, with "Elder Trolls of Robloxia."

A community under the name of "ROBLOXiwood" formed in honor of the thread of the same name where users would go to promote and cast for small YouTube videos was spawned from the idea. Eventually, large companies formed. The whole community then grew and reached its full potential in 2013, near the time of the original thread's closing. However, the community has died down and has become "unprofessional" in the eyes of some of its oldest members, some even abandoning the Wikia made for the community. Productions such as Spidey Rule's "Builderman", Ternous"s Planetary Wars and Blab Void and SharpTH "RoWar: Reboot" have been involved in the community.

Just recently, users Blab Void and SharpTH have reached an astounding feat. They have been working on a project named "RoWar: Reboot", which has been featured in the ROBLOX spotlight! Read about it in the blog, here. They both see it as the first "true roblox machinima" as it goes beyond the scope and goals of any prior video made with ROBLOX. Their project was cancelled after production was assumed by Darwin12, who stated that the project had not made any progress due to personal problems with the production leaders. Darwin12 officially announced RoWar: Reboot was cancelled on August 17, 2015, attributing a lack of content interest. Darwin, whom was also an active member of StudioARE at the time stated that there was a potential future for RoWar on his end. In February 2016, Darwin departed StudioARE. He commented that he left due to lack of creative freedoms, and that he would keep RoWar in mind for future off-ROBLOX projects.

Up-and-coming ROBLOX YouTubers/Film Makers

This is a list of some upcoming ROBLOX YouTubers you may wanna check out!

  • Finaraffic - Started off making FNAF short animations in, He went on to make a video named "The Noob That Pooped Himself". This was made in Roblox Studio.
  • iMay - A YouTube ROBLOX show based off of iCarly.
  • KordGamer - Makes silly videos about ROBLOX on YouTube.

[Feel free to add more as I have no other ideas for upcoming makers!]


Usually their not-so-secret way of making a successful good video is:

  • Using a good recorder. (Most use Fraps, which its full version is not free)
  • Using a good editor. (Most use Vegas, which is not free)
  • If possible, promote the video with a promo or a trailer to increase future viewers.
  • Take your time, don't rush.


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • Although ROBLOX is a kid-friendly game, not all ROBLOX videos are appropriate for children, as some contain swearing and nudity.

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