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ROBUX (singular Robuck[1]), stylized as R$, is one of the two main currencies on ROBLOX. Introduced on May 14th, 2007, ROBUX is considered as the primary currency, as almost every ROBLOX-created item in the Catalog is sold in it. ROBLOXians currently in a Builders Club (BC) membership receive a daily allowance of 15-60 ROBUX in addition to the 10 tickets received when one signs on daily.

ROBLOX Wikia Robux

The 2014 robux and tix logo.

A Loyalty Program was introduced to increase a ROBLOXian's income by certain levels. The highest level of maximum boost income is 300%, meaning if that ROBLOXian is registered in the Builder's Club (BC), Turbo Builders Club (TBC), or Outrageous Builders Club (OBC), that player received a maximum of 45, 105, or 195 ROBUX respectively. This was eventually changed so that Builders Club members can earn up to 3 ROBUX bonus.

Earning ROBUX

All Builders Club member receives a variable amount of ROBUX per day, depending on the membership one has signed up for. BC, TBC, and OBC members earn 15, 35, of 60 ROBUX respectively.

All members in Builders Club can also create Shirts, Pants, and T-Shirts, and Gamepasses, which can be sold in the Catalog for ROBUX. They may also earn money by selling Limited or LimitedU items from their inventories.

Currency Exchanging

On the ROBLOX website, players may exchange currencies from tickets to ROBUX and vise-versa. Only trades that are above 20 tickets in value will be accepted. Currently, one ROBUCK is equal to 14 Tickets.  This is due to inflation (large amounts of cash being pumped into a system and too little coming out). ROBUX can also be redeemed with real-world currency by purchasing ROBLOX and Rixty Cards. Outrageous Builder's Club members who meet certain prerequisites may also exchange ROBUX into real-world currency through the Developer's Exchange.

Value of ROBUX

The value of ROBUX has increased since it was first introduced. In 2007, the ROBLOX Corporation announced that miked had 3,297 ROBUX and declared him as 'one of the wealthiest Roblox players'. Today, many users have up to 40,000 ROBUX in their accounts without being considered as one of the wealthier users.

There are many reasons behind the increase of ROBUX within ROBLOX's economy:

  • More users logging into ROBLOX has caused the supply of both tickets and ROBUX to increase.
  • The buy ROBUX feature has allowed users to purchase ROBUX in quantities of up to 100,000 ROBUX ($499.95).
  • Advanced Builders Club options, such as Outrageous Builders Club, awards participants with up to 60 ROBUX per day.

According to this blog post, the price of 17.6 billion ROBUX is equal to $176 million, causing one ROBUCK to equal one penny. Through the Developer's Exchange, 400 ROBUX is equal to $1.

Other Uses of ROBUX

  • Users can create groups with 100 ROBUX if they have Builder's Club.
  • For 1000 Robux, users can select another user name for their accounts, excluding names that are already taken..
  • ROBUX can be used to buy Badges.
  • Uploading audio requires 100 ROBUX.
  • Purchasing assets also costs Robux, unless if such assets are free.


  • ROBUX didn't always look like the icon shown above back in 2007, instead it was a golden coin with an "R" imprinted onto it. The icon was this: Eremade

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