ROBUX Generators are off-site programs designed to create a series of random numbers that mimic the codes found on ROBLOX Game Cards; these codes can then be redeemed for premium memberships or Robux. Using a generator is against ROBLOX's Terms of Service and can lead to the suspension or termination of that player's ROBLOX account.

The generator client itself can also be malicious. Players may be prompted to provide personal information, such as a phone number. Then, he/she will receive unwanted spam. Some generators require users to input their ROBLOX account information, which can result in the loss of that account. Any downloadable clients also run the risk of containing viruses that can result in damage to that user's computer or sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, becoming accessible. Some ROBUX generators will ask you to buy something with real money to "verify your robux". Some generators force the user to post a scam comment in the required number of groups/games.

Generators also look more believable to some users, due to the fact they don't ask for a password.

Their objective is to get free advertisement revenue from the sponsors of that website by surveys and personal information collection.

Avoiding generator scams

  • Multiple administrators have mentioned that it is impossible to get free ROBUX.
  • All ROBLOX Game Cards have no value until activated at the cash register. A generator may give a user a code that has not been activated or a code that has previously been redeemed.
  • There is potential for malware to be found within downloadable generators. Users are encouraged to avoid downloading generators because of this risk.
  • Generators that ask for user information may be phishing scams.
  • If a user receives a message with a link leading to a generator, it is best to report that message to a moderator.
  • Most generators will also pretend to provide deprecated and discontinued features, mostly lifetime bc and tickets, these will also have the old Roblox logo. Some of the people who create these scams do not play anymore.
  • If you are sharing models / creating clothing, disable comments ALWAYS. This way, you and anyone who buys your clothing won't get scammed.
  • Set your message preferences to friends or followers only through account privacy settings to reduce spam mail from bots.


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