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ROLVe Community is a group known to be the creator of Typical Colors 2, Arsenal, and Counter Blox Roblox Offensive (being their most popular game). The game has also created a less popular game called Trouble in Robloxity.

The CEO, Lead Developer, and the Scripter is DevROLve.

High Rank Group Members

Here are the high-ranked members, excluding alternative or shared accounts.

Senior Developers:

  • TC8950
  • Mightybaseplate
  • Bluay
  • Capt_Tin
  • KingedPawn


  • Capt_Zinc
  • PrimeFIRE94
  • Toad_10
  • The_Kentai


  • TK117

Notable Games

2017 Compromisation

On May 21, 2017 1:37pm PST, ROLVe Community was compromised by dpo30 and keag360alt. From audit logs released by mightybaseplate, a senior developer at ROLVe, DevROLVe had accepted dpo30's request to join the group. Only seconds after he accepted it, dp30 somehow got ownership into the group and later accepted keag360alt's request to join, later giving him the ownership of the group. There keag360alt decided to vandalize the group and take a million funds before abandoning it. ROBLOX gave ownership back to DevROLVe and keag360alt was banned.


The picture shown is the mock version of the logo of Typical Colors 2 the compromisers used to replace the logo of the group.