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Typical Colors 2 is a game made by the group named ROLVe Community. The game is heavily inspired by Valve's Team Fortress 2.

There are 9 classes, Scout,Medic,Engineer,Heavy,Pyro,Sniper,Soldier,Demoman. There are also 2 teams, RED and GREEN. The map modes are Arena, CTF,KOTH.Each class has its weakness and it's strengths, the most health being Brute, and the least amount of health being Flanker.Due to copyright strikes, it changed Spy's health to 135 and Sniper's to 135 and finally Engineer's to 135.All the other class's health stay the same, except if your Flanker and you have the Sandman which makes your health go down to 110.


V-It opens up the character selection screen.

B- Shows the team switch.

N-Customize Your character

M-Open up the shop



G-Taunt on Flanker's sandman. Engineer's wrench. Sniper's Laser rifle, Iron cover, The Triblman's Shiv.


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