Rare/Epic Hat Owners is a group made by ajhockeyfan. To join group, you need to have very rare or epic hat. After joining, you can compare your hat with hats of other people or talk about hats.

External links


  • Hat Owner - Owns hats, 0k to 10k in Limiteds!
  • Hat Collector - Over 10+ pages of Hats
  • Epic Hat Owner - Has over 15k+ in limiteds
  • Wealthy Hat Owner - Over 25k+ in Limiteds
  • Rich Hat Owner - Over 50k+ in Limiteds, or Over 25k worth of pages in hats
  • Filthy Rich Hat Owner - Over 100k+ in Limiteds, or Over 75k worth of pages in hats
  • Legendary Hat Owner - Over 1MIL+ in Limiteds, or Over 20

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