Raven Legion is a clan founded by NITHIUM on December 8th 2012. At one point in time Raven Legion had a reputation as a fast growing and active clan. After NITHIUM was permanently banned for attempting to scam multiple people using the clan, one of the higher ups within the guild 'Thomaszand' took over the leading position.

He continued to keep true to its' reputation as a fast growing clan, getting it from 8,000 members to 16,000 within just a month while still retaining the clan's activity and member's skill.

After quitting the game, he entrusted one of his closest friends and longtime higher ups with the guild, which ended up being the wrong decision. The clan has since been in a steady decline and has not seen a renewed activity under the many leaders it has had.


Over the years Raven Legion has had six different logo colors. These are blue, silver, red, grey, green, purple, and the current, black.