In this article, you will find ways to use Roblox's fire
Fire and Smoke Brick

Fire brick

to your fun advantage! Don't forget to open the game in Studio or have Advanced Tools open!

ROBLOX Fire can be used for plane effects also!

Realistic Fire

First off, you need to insert a brick. Go to Tools and then Click Insert >Object >Part . Select the part then click Insert>Object>Fire. Now you have a brick with fire in it. Roblox's fire is already very convincing, but it doesn't have smoke. To do this, select the part and click Insert>Object>Smoke. Currently, you should have a brick with fire and smoke in it to make it look like a real fire.

Editing Fire and Smoke Effects

OK, the fire already has some good looking color, but I would change the color of the smoke to a darker grey, because it looks like a broken fog machine. Also lowering the opacity and raising the RiseVelocity makes it look better. Fire color can be changed using RGB (red green blue) values. Doing RGB (1,0,0) will make the fire red.

Time to Light This Thing

Well, this header says it all. We are going to add script(s) that will make this fire act like real fire. Ready? OK. Select the brick and go to Insert>Object>Script. We are going to make an onTouched script so when someone touches the fire brick, something happens. Name this script whatever you want, as long as you know it's a script. Got it? Now for the scripting...


    local human = h.Parent:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid")
    if human and not h.Parent.HumanoidRootPart:FindFirstChildOfClass("Fire") then
        local newF = script.Parent.Fire:Clone()
        local newS = script.Parent.Smoke:Clone()
        newF.Parent = h.Parent.HumanoidRootPart
        newS.Parent = h.Parent.HumanoidRootPart
                human.Health = human.Health - 1
            until human.Health < 1
            print(h.Parent.Name.."got killed by fire.")

Make sure that there are no errors in the script, otherwise the script won't work and it will just be words. Now this script will not just light them on fire, but take away damage every 0.1 seconds, until they die.

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