The information on this page is outdated and needs to be updated.

The recent average price (RAP for short) is what is calculated in trades and for each individual limited item.

Finding a player's RAP


A recent average price graph as displayed on a limited item page.

The player must subtract the lowest selling price from the current RAP, then divide the result by 10, and then finally rounding it to a whole number. The number the player got is how much of the RAP will be taken away when the item gets sold. Now the player must subtract the number the player got from the current RAP.


Let's say a limited hat's RAP is 2000 Robux and the lowest selling price is 50 Robux. The player has to subtract 2000 by 50, which equals 1950. then the player divides 1950 by 10, which equals 195.

The number the player got was 195 Robux. Now the player has to subtract 2000 by 195, which will equal 1805. So, the current RAP is now 1805 Robux.

Rising RAP

For Rising RAP, all of the steps are the same, except the player adds the number the player got to the current RAP instead of subtracting.