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The Report abuse GUI as of 2017

The Report Abuse button (now called a GUI) was released on January 31, 2007, and was the first way a user could report someone for breaking the rules. Once the the main HUD's button is pressed, a box entitled 'Report Abuse' would ask for a description of the incident and what category it falls under, listed below. It has been theorized that it takes two or more reports upon a player before it has any effect on them, which may promote server-wide hate towards anyone committing a foul action. Today the button is in the in-game menu. (To access the menu, press Esc on your keyboard while in-game and clicking the Report Button.)


The Report Abuse GUI from 2014

The player can be reported quickly by clicking the player's name in the player list, same as the other GUI but not showing "Game or Player" and the reasons are different.

On the official website, users can report a player by clicking the "Report Abuse" link under the user's profile, which will send you to a page similar to the picture shown, but will have the player's name filled out.

Many people think reports are flawed and don't work and have also claimed that they aren't even read, even if the person very obviously violated the rules, but rule-breakers' reports do get read. So you need to find a way to show them reports work with all users and will ban rule-breakers.

Ban Levels

Main article: Ban
  • In-game ban (the user cannot play the game temporarily or permanently, but can play other games) (usually given out by the moderators, administrators and the owners of the games, this is extremely common, mostly in cafe games.) This is against ROBLOX Terms of Service[citation needed].
  • Forum Purge (all of the the users' forum posts are changed to "[Content Deleted]", cannot bypassed)
  • Reminder (used to be common, but now rare and discontinued. Instead having a warning)
  • Warning (only if the reason is minor, common)
  • 1-day ban (account banned for a day, meaning you can't access the account banned for a day)
  • 3-day ban (account banned for 3 days, meaning you can't access the account banned for 3 days)
  • 7-day ban (account banned for 7 days, meaning you can't access the account banned for 1 week, severe)
  • 14-day ban (account banned for 14 days, meaning you can't access the account banned for 2 weeks, somehow rare and very severe)
  • Account deletion (account is terminated and cannot be accessed again, it is believed that this ban can last up to 100 years, but has not yet been proven. Can be bypassed by sending an appeal to If the terminated user didn't appeal for 2-3 weeks, his/her account is no longer allowed to be reopened[citation needed])
  • Poison ban (cannot access the banned account. Cannot create new accounts, uses IP/player's email. Poisoned users can play on an account created by him/her that is not linked to the same email as the poisoned user.)
  • IP ban (don't have permission to the website, however it can be bypassed by sending an appeal to, proxy or having a new IP)
  • Error 401 IP ban (don't have permission to the website, can be bypassed by having a new IP and clearing your browser cookies, this is extremely rare)

Report Reasons

  • Swearing: any person swearing within ROBLOX.
  • Inappropriate Username: username may appear inappropriate. (the player gets a warning to change it or the player will get terminated/deleted)
  • Bullying: any acts of bullying or cyberbullying within ROBLOX.
  • Account Trading or Sharing: Asking for accounts or asking to log in to one's account.
  • Personal Questions: Asking for private info (passwords, email addresses, phone numbers, etc)
  • Scamming: Scamming for ROBUX, Limiteds or any valuable item.
  • Dating: Online Dating
  • Offsite Links: Any links that are not allowed on ROBLOX.
  • Cheating/Exploiting: Use of third-party software or scripts to "exploit" that server


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  • During December 2010, if the user reports 20 players for breaking the rules, they get a present called "Janitorial Gift of Taking Out the Trash", and it is rare to trade with.
  • Online content on ROBLOX is always moderated. Anyone who says that reports do not work are false claims.
  • Most users do not care if they are reported since they believe the ROBLOX Moderation will not take action, as for they think that ROBLOX doesn't even read reports. They soon notice they get a warning/ban.
  • It is believed that reporting only checks the Chat Log[citation needed], which led to players believing exploiters may not be caught.
  • The report system is flooded with lots of different reports, so it may take a very long time to get your reports read.

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