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Note: When someone threatens you with reporting, and you aren't doing anything wrong, they are the mostly likely one to get into trouble. Moderators will custom review each report, and decide who is at fault. Report enough that they remember your name, and you might be the one who gets banned. Reporting does take time, so be patient.

About reporting

ROBLOX is a kid-friendly site. The moderators work hard to make our community reasonably safe for young and old alike. That is why Roblox doesn't tolerate profanity, threatening behavior, phishing for passwords, impersonating an administrator, spamming, advertising, etc.

Each time you submit an abuse report using Roblox's automated system a moderator will review the report and take appropriate action. Moderators will read forum posts, view a user’s profiles, or comb through the transcripts of in-game chat to see what is going on. The moderator will then take appropriate action, such as a reminder to be nice, a warning, a temporary ban, or account deletion.

Still work'en on it

Like nearly everything else in ROBLOX, the moderation system is in its infancy. But spamming the moderation system with repeated, bogus abuse reports won’t get you anywhere. In fact, it’ll soon put your abuse reports on the bottom of our priority list. So, only submit an abuse report if you feel somebody is doing something inappropriate.

What moderators can't do

Finally, the moderators can’t do much about somebody who annoys you by breaking up your house in the Community Construction Site. But watch out: some day that annoying person might find himself ostracized from the community. You’ve seen the first taste of that with the “Friends-Only” feature. Who should you report? Someone who is using profanity, or someone who is using a program like Cheat Engine, are people who you should report. Someone who is better than you in a war game, or who won't accept your friend request aren't people you should report. Another thing to keep in mind, is it's probably not a good idea to tell the person you reported them, as that will just make them mad.

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