Rescue or be Rescued is a popular game made by Coltonator505. It was created in May of 2011 and has accumulated over 4.4 million visits and over 110,000 favorites.


When players first join the server, they may spawn in an isolated island and needs to be rescued. Occassionally, players may spawn as a pilot. The main objective as a pilot is to rescue stranded players on several different islands.

The islands are as follows: Desert Island, Volcano Island, Ice Island, Grass Island, Contaimination Island, and the Island to Oblivion. There is also an aircraft carrier that a player can spawn at.

All players can run with the run tool, can die by clicking the left mouse button with the reset button, and are equipped with the parachute, flare, and a life jacket. The parachute slows down the speed of falling, which is useful for controlling the area for landing when falling from a high elevation. The flare, when the left mouse button is clicked, emits a red smoke that can help send a signal for the rescuer to rescue the stranded player. The life jacket is a useful tool for floating in the sea without dying.


Coltonator505 has, as of July 1, 2012, uploaded 3 videos to Rescue or be Rescued. The first video shows the camera panning through various areas, including the docks and several islands, which promoted Version 5.00, which brought in new features, such as a new rescue base and new islands. The second video showed Coltonator505 facing the camera wearing a Poker Face shirt and a Black Jeans saying some lines from the popular 2007 first person shooter Team Fortress 2. The lines come from the "Meet the Scout" video. The video also included some screams from Team Fortress 2. The third video advertised some of the gameplay footages in Rescue or be Rescued.