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Ro-War III (commonly referred to as the GSC Vs. UN war) is a well-known clan war that broke out in December of 2012 and ended in January of 2013. This war is mostly known for being the home war for the large invasion known as Operation Snake Eater, which took place directly on the beginning of 2013. It occurred when The Roblox Assault Team and John's Cobras broke out in a large war, with JC being assisted by the United Nations, a coalition consisting of many small clans. Another notable member of the UN was Team Domino, a military group owned by an infamous scammer Pieperson50. He claims to make this coalition for the protection of smaller clans from the superclans. However, superclan leaders believed that he was using this coalition to conquer all superclans and, ultimately, ROBLOX as a whole. So the Grand Superclan Coalition(GSC)was formed in order to destroy the UN and save ROBLOX from facing ultimate doom under John's control.



In early 2012, a large war between RAT and JC broke out. Pspjohn1, Emperor of JC, was actually having help from a coalition known as the United Nations, a coalition with aout 180,000 members. John claims that this coalition is being used for the 'protection' of smaller clans from the superclans. Another notable clan in the UN was Pieperson50's Team Domino, which was new yet fast growing at the time. Pie was already well known for scamming people and was also well known for being a player from ROBLOX's Make-a-Wish foundation.

The Robloxian Army TRA(Commanded by Tonitoni)became suspicious of JC, and proposed to create an alliance to stop the UN. TRA and JC have had a long history together, and pspjohn1 and Tonitoni have had a huge rivalry on ROBLOX.

Creation of the GSC

The GSC was created sometime in December of 2012. It was owned by fruitbox, leader of RSF, and had over 500,000 members. The coalition was notably consisted of The Roblox Assault Team, The Robloxian Army, Vortex Security, The First Encounter Assault Recon, Nightfall Clan, and Lortex Security. Many other clans were in the GSC as well. The GSC then declared war on the UN, where both the GSC and UN mass all of the GSC and UN's bases.

Operation Snake Eater

File:John's Cobras will fall January the 1st.

File:The fate of the free people of ROBLOX.

On December 23rd of 2012, Tonitoni released a video on his YouTube channel, announcing the largest military operation in ROBLOX history. John's Cobras also released a video on the matter. Taking place directly on New Year's Day, the GSC launched a 1,000+ member raid to assure their victory in the war.

The raid went for about two days, until the GSC finally had enough wins to declare victory.

Victory of the GSC

After the invasion, the GSC declared victory having the certain amount of wins needed. However, the UN is also arguably the victor as well, claiming the wins were edited. Many just consider the GSC as the victor, and some just consider it a tie.


These are the participants in the war

Grand Superclan Coalition United Nations
The Robloxian Army TRA John's Cobras
Community:RSF Team Domino
The First Encounter Assault Recon Green Gods
Lortex Security F.A.I.R.
Vortex Security Cold Nation
Noble Blade
X-101st Legion Main Army
Electro Legion
Reign of Chaos
Sleet Clan


After the war, the GSC and UN broke up. However, in the description of the GSC, it says it will "Rise again to take down any more evil forces.", meaning that the GSC will return when needed.


The C&G has acknowledged the GSC Vs. UN war to be one of the best and most nostalgic things to happen in clan history. Operation Snake Eater also was one of the only invasions that reached the front page(meaning the fort being raided was seen on the front page of the ROBLOX Website).

The clan Green Gods is trying to reform the UN, with 4 clans so far participating.