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Roblox Logo

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Roblox, stylized as RŌBLOX, is a freemium online brick-building MMORPG.


ROBLOX was originally titled "DynaBlocks" when it was first published, but the name was changed quickly after it's release.

It entered multiplayer alpha in 2006 and was released in full to the public later that year.


The logo used when in Beta testing.This also appeared in T-shirts from 2006-2008.

Game Engine

ROBLOX is developed with Microsoft Visual C++, and uses libraries such as fmod for audio playback and processing as well as Visual Studio's Windows Forms library for the in-game editor. ROBLOX's physics are processed with an in-house physical engine known as ImPlicitNgine, where as the visuals are rendered on OGRE 1.4.1.(Visual renderer changed, Needs change) Roblox seems to also use the G3D game engine's framework.

On the topic of data, ROBLOX stores its user-save files in the extensible Markup Language, an easy human-readable encoding, which is actually more commonly seen on the Internet. Due to the markup of XML, these files replaced of all capital letters with lowercase characters in handles for more than half of the users who joined before May 2007.


People interested in getting more involved with ROBLOX make an account. Users choose their own username and password, and can then create their own places. Users also have their own Character, which is an avatar that can be customized via Catalog purchases, and they can participate in social aspects of ROBLOX such as the Forum, Messages, and Friend Requests.


In 2008, ROBLOX added the Guest feature. This feature allowed interested people to try out ROBLOX without making an account. Guests can join and play games, but cannot customize their character or send messages.


Roblox Studio in early development.

Main article: Places

Places are virtual worlds, that players can play and build in. Users can create an unlimited amount of Places, but only one of them can be active (players can only visit active places) at a time on a free account. When places are created, users can pick from several templates:


  • Baseplate - A large, flat part
  • Flat Terrain - Large and flat, but uses Terrain rather than a part


  • City - A small city containing some roads and buildings
  • Medieval - A castle with a moat and some surrounding land
  • Pirate Island - A small island with a pirate ship


  • Obby - Short for "obstacle course"
  • Racing - Contains a small track and several vehicles
  • Shooter - Has on-touch dispensers for weapons and health
  • Infinite Runner - Similar to Temple Run
  • Capture the Flag


Main article: Catalog

The catalog allows users to customize their avatars using ROBLOX-created hats and gear as well as community-created shirts and pants. The catalog used to house user-created models, decals, and audio, but those three were moved to the Developer Library.


  • On April 1, 2007, the ROBLOX administrators pulled off an April Fool's joke by saying that ROBLOX would be bought by Google, as mentioned on a blog post here. However, it is still possible to enter the ROBLOX site by visiting

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