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Roblox Logo

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Roblox, stylized as RŌBLOX, is a semi-free online brick-building MMORPG.


ROBLOX was originally titled "DynaBlocks" when it was first published, but the name was changed quickly after it's release.

It entered multiplayer alpha in 2006 and was released in full to the public later that year.


The logo used when in Beta testing.This also appeared in T-shirts from 2006-2008.


The extremely rare and first Roblox logo,which was made way back in 2004.



Roblox Studio in early development.

In 2008, ROBLOX added the Guest feature. Guests always appear the same as the user until an update where you wear different hats depending on the gender. They have limited abilities. They cannot chat with users nor other guests. Some use hacking. They also cannot make places, and they cannot change their appearance. Some people in ROBLOX hate Guests, and thus have created some well scripted objects that reject them from places. They also cannot join BC required worlds or games, due to fact guests cannot buy Builders Club.

Game Engine

ROBLOX is developed with Microsoft Visual C++, and uses libraries such as fmod for audio playback and processing as well as Visual Studio's Windows Forms library for the in-game editor. ROBLOX's physics are processed with an in-house physical engine known as ImPlicitNgine, where as the visuals are rendered on OGRE 1.4.1.(Visual renderer changed, Needs change) Roblox seems to also use the G3D game engine's framework.

On the topic of data, ROBLOX stores its user-save files in the extensible Markup Language, an easy human-readable encoding, which is actually more commonly seen on the Internet. Due to the markup of XML, these files replaced of all capital letters with lowercase characters in handles for more than half of the users who joined before May 2007.


Accounts are profiles created by users in order to recive benefits of an account on ROBLOX. They are able to chat in game, send private messages, change their appearance, and much more. There's a membership for ROBLOX called "Builder's Club" which costs real money. Non Builder's Club accounts earn 10 tickets each day they log in. Builder's Club members earn the tickets plus 15 ROBUX. Turbo Builder's Club earn 35 ROBUX plus the tickets, while Outrageous Builder's Club members get 60 robux and the tickets every day logged in.


When Players create an account, they have a name and an avatar. When a player chooses a name, it can be changed if the person pays 1000 ROBUX (but their old username will stay on the player's profile in the previous usernames selection), or a person or parent can contact the Admin and asks for a name change without paying the ROBUX if their name is inappropriate in some way. A player's avatar can be changed in various ways. Players always start off with the girl or boy package and default shirt and pants. The user can change the Head, Face, Hat, Shirt, T-Shirt, Body Parts and Pants of the account by buying new ones from the Catalog with Tickets and Robux.

Everyone with an account can create a t-shirt (Basic clothing item with a logo) but only Builders Club Members can sell items they have created. The Catalog has Limited Edition items. These items are created by ROBLOX, and have a limited supply. Usually, the limited items are either hats, faces or gear. They also have timed items which is an item that only has a certain time limit for players to buy them in and it's usually hats or gear. In addition to their infinite supply of shirts, gear, pants, and more, they also have a body structure change also known as the Packages. The Packages allow the user to become a selected body form which alters the player's appearance significantly. However, Non Builders Club members were recently allowed to purchase Packages, while a few remain to be restricted to Builders Club members.


Main article: Places

Places are virtual worlds, that players can play and build in. When an account is created, each user gets 1 free Place, in which they can build anything, with an unlimited supply of bricks that they can insert, by using the Insert button. The user can choose to have one of seven starting templates:

  • Baseplate, consisting of just one grey brick for a baseplate.
  • Flat Terrain, consisting of a base made of "grass" terrain.
  • City, consisting of a city on a grey baseplate.
  • Medieval, consisting of a medieval castle on a green baseplate.
  • Obby, consisting of an obstical course floating in the air.
  • Racing, consisting of a working race track that displays the winners username on the screen.
  • Shooter, consisting of basic givers to start a shooter game.

There is also 2 new ones:

  • Pirate Island, a personally started island to give a idea of people making a pirate game.
  • Infinate Runner, where you are given ideas to start a runner game.

The Editor gets Tools and Gear but players must get the usable tools from existing scripts or givers. In many places you will meet many types of people. They will be cool, noobish, odd, fair, angered easily, and even more. Also, you can talk to them and befriend them although some people are kicked out of a place or server because of bad or noobish behavior, name calling, or cussing, cursing, and even more.

Tools and Gear

Main articles: Tools, and Gear

Tools and Gear are virtual tools that players can use. There is a difference between tools and gear. Tools are items that can manipulate things within the game, including weapons. Gear is a special variety of tool, that is kept by the player from game to game. Many games lock all gear or any gear not in their genre. Generally these are themed games. So if you have Al's Space Adventure in Sci-Fi section you probably won't be able to have the Medieval Brigands Saber. However if you have a gear war type game you want to play it will very likely have no gear restrictions at all.


Bodies are a type of morph that is different from the standard ROBLOXian body. The Bodies used to be BC-only and were originally stated as 'BC-Beta" (The bodies are now available to all users). Theses bodies vary, and are often based around holidays or popular contests. Examples bodies are: Elf, Football player, Action figure and Superhero. Many holiday-related bodies have a timer and go off sale after the holiday. On May 14, 2010 The Robloxian 2.0, the first body was released. It is by far the most popular alternative body to standard blocks, and has unofficially become the standard, often featured in news posts and on the site's logo at the top of the page. On March 23, 2011, Roblox published a "girl" body, the first that can be purchased for free by NBCers. It later became the default package for girls, until the 2014 update. 


  • On April 1, 2007, the ROBLOX administrators pulled off an April Fool's joke by saying that ROBLOX would be bought by Google, as mentioned on a blog post here. However, it is still possible to enter the ROBLOX site by visiting

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