ROBLOX - Gone Crazy is a comical series developed by the eminent JJ5x5. He mainly records it with Hypercam 2. He has won a contest due to the popularity of his series. The series are most notable due to the appearance of the famous legokid, with is an NPC. The initial video was first recorded on June 25, 2007, the beginning of the ROBLOX - Gone Crazy series. Most of the videos are very low quality but serve well for nostalgia seekers. JJ5x5 was known for making comedic ROBLOX videos. All of the videos were uploaded five years ago as of January 2017. Many of the videos, over the years, have gained over 100K+ views and a decent amount of likes. Only 6 videos have been made before JJ5x5 left YouTube.

ROBLOX - Gone Crazy

ROBLOX - Gone Crazy is the start of the series. It was the first video of the series uploaded on October 6, 2011 though it was recorded years previous to it. As of January 2017, this video has served 144K+ views with only 28 dislikes out of 854. The video is exactly 1:25 seconds long. Throughout the video, captions would be used to indicate that the characters shown in the film are communicating.

Watch the video here.

Gone Crazy

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ROBLOX - Gone Crazy 2

This is the sequel to ROBLOX - Gone Crazy, continuing the series then on. Yet again the quality isn't the best. The second part of the series was recorded half a month after the release of the first one, on July 7, 2007. The video was uploaded on the same day of October 6, 2011. The sequel has accumulated approximately 112K+ views with 480 likes above the 16 dislikes. The length of the video is 2:42 seconds long.

Watch the video here.

Gone Crazy 2

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ROBLOX - Gone Crazy 3

ROBLOX - Gone Crazy 3 is the third installment to the Gone Crazy series. The quality has improved a slight bit since the frame rate is rather smoother. The video was recorded a few weeks after the sequel, on July 21, 2007 - it was also uploaded on the same date, October 6, 2011. It has approximately 124K+ views - 424 likes out of 19 dislikes. Again, the film has increased in length, now at 3:15 seconds.

Gone Crazy 3

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Watch the video here.

ROBLOX - Gone Crazy 4

ROBLOX - Gone Crazy 4 is the fourth installment to the Gone Crazy series. Quality is very much the same. The video was recorded not long after part 3 of the series, on August 16, 2007, also uploaded on the same date of October. It has gained almost 160K+ views - with almost 500 likes and only 20 dislikes. The length of the film has decreased in length, down to 2:14 seconds.

Gone Crazy 4

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Watch the video here.

ROBLOX - Gone Crazy 5

ROBLOX - Gone Crazy 5 is the 5th, second to last installment to the series.

It should be noted that the famous XiaoXiaoMan appears here, another previously comedic ROBLOX YouTuber like JJ5x5 who made a similar series to Gone Crazy. This is the first video to use TF2 (Team Fortress 2) Heavy SFX. The date as to when this film was recorded almost a year after the previous video, on July 19, 2008. Though the quality hasn't improved, the frame work has. This installment has the least amount of views with only 83K+ views but yet again has a positive like to dislike ratio.

Gone Crazy 5

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Watch the video here.

ROBLOX - Gone Crazy 6

ROBLOX - Gone Crazy 6 is the sixth and last installment of the Gone Crazy series - this is also the last video uploaded on JJ5x5's channel JJ5x5's ROBLOX Videos. Yet again, this installment was introduced late, almost a year after the 5th installment on June 6, 2009, also uploaded on the 6th of October. This video has the best quality out of the rest. It's gained 123K+ views with a positive ratio of likes to dislikes.

Gone Crazy 6

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Watch the video here.