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The Roblox Anthem Video was a promotional animation uploaded to YouTube by ROBLOX's channel after the logo was changed.

The song used in the video is "Here We Go" by Giants of Industry.

Roblox Anthem Video

Roblox Anthem Video


The video starts out with a cardboard beatbox turned on, playing music that the cardboard robots dance to. A trumpet sounds, the robots, who think it's commanding them, stop dancing and jump to action. After jumping off a clif, they accidentally collide with armored soldiers and roll down a hill in a ball, colliding with a noob playing with rabbits. A girl in a pink dress suddenly spies and takes selfies with them.

Work at a Pizza Place deliverers rush into the scene. One runs into a ramp-like rock and flies into the air, sending pizza everywhere. In a nearby desert, soldier women are riding in a wheeled boat pushed by enslaved noobs. One of them sets up the cannon, which blows up the boat. A giant laser-shooting robot walks in and scares away a wave of noobs. It steps onto a car and slips, allowing the noobs to escape, with one of them doing so by jetpack.

Over the yonder, lots of Robloxians race to press the red button, with the leads being a cardboard robot, armored soldier, girl in pink dress, a pizza deliverer, and the captain of the soldier women. Just as the captain is about to press the button, the jetpack-wearing noob hits it by his head. The Roblox logo sculpture is lifted from the ground and everyone cheers, while the jetpack-wearing noob flies chaotically and clumsily (he hits and rotates the first "O"). The video ends with Roblox's motto, "Powering Imagination", and its new logo.

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