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Roblox Building is a series of in depth building tutorials targeted towards war clans, but could be used for other builds. The tutorials are in long step by step series with an average of 10 episodes each. The all combined view count is 60,000 and is uploaded by youtube user AndyGee1111.


Most feedback is positive with many commenting on its pacing and its easy to follow step by step sequence. Other comments include building questions or insight towards the video's creator. The videos almost have all likes with little to no dislikes on each one. The most popular is the first episode of the original fort building series with around 9000 views. Overall the series has a view count of around 60000 views.


The series is divided up into various tutorials. The first was the fort build, which has 13 episodes, a bonus one was later added. The next set of tutorials was a training place tutorial, six episodes aired before Andy announced his computer crashed and he lost his files. The Advanced Fort Building Tutorial was next, it had only three episodes before it was taken down due to a low popularity. Finally the Holo Training Tutorial is currently airing and has 3 episodes to date with a slated seven to be out by the end of July.