Any Roblox Clan can create a page on Roblox Clan Central if your clan has over 500 members, or if given permission by Roblox Clan Central's head moderator.

Make sure to title your page Roblox Clan Central/YOURGROUPNAME so the page is posted on Roblox Clan Central, not the unofficial Roblox wiki.

Welcome to Roblox Clan Central. Here we share information about clans, clan members, and discuss the clan world as it is today. Roblox Clan: Loosely definied as an organization of members working towards a common goal. This includes clans, guilds, clubs, and groups. Thanks for visiting! What you should do first is join and make a user page for yourself. Talk about what you do in the clan world and give us some information about yourself!

When Editing

Make sure that you are as unbiased as possible. This isn't a place for slanderous opinions. {C For now, make and edit pages for just about anything clan related. It's a wiki; you don't have to write it all in one sitting! {C Making up 'facts' and statistics to slander/flatter a clan is prohibited. Original research, however is strongly encouraged. This wiki is for looking at a group's information and archiving our histories.


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